How To Befriend a Celebrity

People have always had an obsession with celebrities and the lime light. Everyone wants that one amazing friend. You hang out with them, and you're almost famous! They have the good looks, fancy designer clothes, and huge amounts of people following them around. Let us not forget the fascinating parties and free gifts! If this sounds incredible, then let me teach you how to befriend a celebrity.
You should try and choose a celebrity to befriend that you have things in common with. For example, if you're a mother, someone like Madonna could be a great choice for you. You could start conversations about your children. Just remember you're focusing on the person, not a role they played on television or in a movie.
You can research your celebrity online. Find out where they grew up, what their favorite food is etc. Seek out different things you could use to spark a conversation. Remember while speaking with them, don't act nervous or shy. Show that you're a confident, intelligent , and independent person. If genuine friendship is what you seek, the last thing that you would want to do is come off as a stalker or user. So be yourself! Remember, befriending a celebrity is no different than befriending the average person. They think, love, feel and breathe just the same as we do.

Getting in touch with celebrities is easier than ever since the introduction of the Internet. A lot of celebrities own their own websites and blogs. They also use different social networking sites to get them in touch with their fans. Most answer their own comments and mail. Granted they can't answer everyone’s messages, but with persistence, I'm sure your comments will be seen.
Joining a fan site could also be a positive way to get to know them. You'll be able to see other fans views on them, get info on their interactions with their fans. See if others think they're as awesome in person as you're hoping they are.
Don't be afraid to comment on posts the celebrity makes in their blog. You probably won't get a response at first, but if there is a slight chance the celebrity you want to befriend will possibly read your comment then it's worth it.
After corresponding for a while, you should try and meet face to face. Maybe show up at book signing, or a concert they're hosting. Keep in mind that yes, you're a fan. But, you're more than that! You've been building a friendship here for a decent while now.
They might not connect and form a bond with you instantly. When you try to befriend your celebrity in person, keep in mind that your first encounter might not be what you expected. The setting might not be right, or even the timing. You just have to keep the goal in your mind and not give up. It will probably take several meetings before you get invited over for dinner. Good luck!


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