How To Build Indoor Forts

Indoor Forts
Cats and kids love a tucked away place even if it is indoors. Indoor forts are as much fun to assemble as they are to enjoy. They can be as big or small, depending upon the number of fort inhabitants. For the one or two person fort, figure on floor space of at least four or six feet. An indoor fort can be decorative or plain as preferred.

How To Build Indoor Forts
Design an indoor fort before beginning the process of building it. It saves time and organizes materials easily with a floor plan. Choose a fairly free amount of floor space for the indoor fort. It should have enough "walk-around" access on at least three sides. An indoor fort can be constructed from 5 corrugated cardboard panels, a small camping tent or from a simple line of cord or rope, a few spring-type clothes pins and a few old sheets or blankets. Although a basement or attic is an ideal place for an indoor fort, these can also be designed in a small area of a bedroom.

From Plan To Installation
Build an indoor fort by sectioning 5 cardboard panels 5-6 ft in height and 3-4 feet in width. Be creative. Use a box cutter to slit windows and an entrance door. Use masking tape to secure the outer and inner edges of the panels together. Use the remaining panel for the roof and tape to the exterior panels. Using a small camping tent is another great way to create a fort for the indoors. Assemble according to regular instructions and then add interior furnishings.

For an indoor fort that is made from sheets or blankets, all that's needed is a quantity of 4. A length of cord or rope will also be needed that is at least 6 feet in length. This should be attached end to end to 2 fairly secure posts or hooks of at least 5 feet in height. Use the clothes pins to secure a blanket or sheet on either long side of the cord. Then secure the two remaining sheets or blankets at either end. Using clothespins, clip all of the edges together, except the two front edges. This will hold them together neatly. Use the free flap to enter and exit this cozy makeshift indoor fort.

Indoor Forts For Fun
In addition to the fun of making an indoor fort, there's the fun of the final result - a place kids and adults can "get away from it all" right in the comfort of their own home. The best part of an indoor fort is how easy it is to disassemble should the floor space be needed. This is a great activity for kids and adults for a rainy day.


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