How To Build Strong Trust

Trust is the major element that makes or breaks a relationship. Just like how the famous lines of a poem go: “Trust is like a chain, each link takes times to gain.” And the rhyme is still filled with reason in communicating the vital role of trust in any given relationship, professional or personal. Major breakdowns in relationships come from trust issues. Do you want to build strong bonds of trust in all of your relationships today? Here are steps in making sure you build a very strong chain of trust that will keep even your most difficult relationships anchored deeply and well-founded.

  1. Knowledge comes before love. You need to get to know before you can trust or even love. This is the first premise. So lay all the cards at the outset and set clear expectations from the very beginning so that you will be able to foster trust to the other person in the relationship. But this does not mean completely giving out all the details at the expense of your comfort. Only divulge the information that you are confident of giving. All the intimate details can be reserved for later when the trust has truly solidified.
  2. Deliver what you promise. When you make promises, make sure you keep them. Then, the partner will tell you that he or she can truly take your word for it. Let your yes be a yes. Make sure that you are not too flaky or ambivalent especially with major decisions. When you say that you are going to commit to something, make sure that you are able to back that up with action.
  3. Over deliver whenever you can. It’s one thing to meet expectations. But it is a trust booster if you exceed expectations. It is very important for you to be able to convey that you are able to do more than what is just expected of you. This is most important especially on a professional level. And in personal relationships, you get to perceive things that are uncalled for and positive as much sweeter than just having expectations done out of obligation.
  4. Keep secrets. This is crucial especially in dealing with private individuals. Keeping secrets is the best way to build trust. If you are unable to keep the other person’s personal details to yourself, he or she will not be likely to open up to you in the future. You need to be able to preserve that person’s privacy as much or even more than you will preserve yours.
  5. Be real. Don’t put up a front just to be able to get someone’s trust. No matter what other people will say, this is still low level deception in its most subtle form. Just be very transparent with who you really are and expect the other person to do the same.
  6. Accept the person for who he or she is. People are most bound to trust another person if they find that they are welcome and accepted. So make sure that you are really able to accept the person for who he or she is, not for show he or she will become.
  7. Communicate effectively and maintain respect even in the midst of an argument or disagreement. The best way to preserve and build trust is to be able to communicate well and maintain a sense of respect amidst differences. If you will use your knowledge of the other person to hit him back because of an argument, it shatters that person’s trust of you.


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