How To Buy a 16th-Year Wedding Anniversary Gift

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The gift of a marriage is a wonderful gift in itself, let alone to make it to the 16th year of marriage. There are an enormous number of gift suggestions that are available to give on this special wedding anniversary. You want to purchase a gift that pertains to the person that you are buying the gift for. You want to make sure that the person you are purchasing the gift for is going to feel as special as the day they got married.

Some of the gifts that you could give to someone on their 16 year wedding anniversary:

The gift that is the typical gift is silver. This would include a number of different gift options. You could purchase the lucky couple silver tableware such as silverware or serving dishes. If this is not the right option for you then there are other silver gifts that would be great as well. You can purchase them a silver bell that has their names engraved as well as their wedding date and the date of the wedding anniversary. There are many options for silver other than just these small choices. Many items in our homes are made from silver and therefore a wide range of products is available for the couples.

If you are looking for something that might be a little more original than why don't you choose to give the gift of a vacation to the 16th state that joined the United States. This would be a great idea for the couple. Another idea that would be great would to purchase a package that would allow them to return to the scene of their honeymoon. This would be a great sentiment as it would allow them to see the changes that have taken place since first visiting on their honeymoon. If the place that they traveled to while on their honeymoon is not open no longer choose a destination that is close by to where they were at. It may not be the same as the previous honeymoon however it will allow them to get close enough to their destination.

If this is out of your budget there is still some things that can be done that will limit your budget to smaller amounts. You could purchase a vase that is made out of silver with a number of different flowers. There is no specific flower that is given to this anniversary, however, a collection of the flowers from the previous year’s worth of anniversaries with the silver vase would be a nice gesture for celebrating the 16th year wedding anniversary. There will be some guests who will think of giving a gift of a vase, however, how many do you think will think of putting one flower in the vase from previous years worth of anniversaries?


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