How To Buy Mom a Makeover

The toughest job on earth belongs to moms.  Not only are they wives and mothers, they wear other hats as well:  teacher, cleaning woman, driver, social director, psychologist, nurse, chef, handywoman, accountant and many, many more.  Some moms stay home full-time while others have businesses to run or jobs to report to.  A mother is on call 24/7 365 days a year.

It is unfortunate that a mom's sacrifice is only celebrated during Mother's Day or on her birthday.   Your mom deserves to be pampered more than once or twice a year.  There are many things you can do to let her know that she is loved and appreciated.  One way is to give her a mom makeover!  Here are some ideas on buying your mom a makeover:

  1. Start by knowing what your mom's style is and what she likes to do in her own time to pamper herself.  Listen to what she says.  Your mom herself can offer you clues as to what she wants to improve.  She may say: "I want to try a new hairstyle or maybe a new hair color."  Or while shopping, she may say, "Do you think I will look good in that dress?"   Check your mom's closet and make-up bag to see what items you can purchase to update her look.
  2. Visit local spas and find out what packages they offer.  Book her for a massage as well as treatments like body scrub and facial.  If they offer overnight packages, take advantage of this and give your mom the break she truly deserves.
  3. After the spa, take her out for some serious retail therapy.  Go shopping at her favorite stores and bring her to new ones as well.  Who knows, she may find something new that she likes.  Consult with the store's personal shopper for some ideas on sprucing up mom's mommy wardrobe.  However, don't force her to buy something she is not comfortable wearing.  If she doesn't find anything she fancies, give her a gift card or shopping certificate instead.
  4. Go to her favorite salon and set an appointment. Talk to the hairstylist, colorist and make-up artist and let them know that you are planning on a makeover for mom.  Make sure to include nail treatments with the overall makeover package.  If you want, check out other salons as well.  Maybe it is time your mom tries a new team of beauty professionals.
  5. Give her a makeover book.   Author Hannah Keeley has a book called "Total Mom Makeover: The Six-week Plan To Completely Transform Your Home, Health, Family, And Life."  This will make a great makeover gift.
  6. Treat her to her favorite restaurant.  Having a fantastic meal after the makeover is a great way to bond.  Spend time listening to mom and talking about what interests her.

There are many ideas on how to give mom a makeover.  Just make sure that your mom agrees to it.  If your mom is uncomfortable with a total makeover, gift certificates to the spa, salon and retails shops are great alternatives.  This way, there is no pressure on her.   You also don't need to break your bank account for a makeover.  Have a budget and see what you can accomplish given what you can afford.

Best of all, enjoy the makeover with her.  Use this as an opportunity to bond with her and just have fun as girlfriends and not as mother and daughter.


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