How To Buy Organic Without Going Broke

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If I had to buy groceries for just myself, then going 100% organic all the time would be easy to do. A family of four is a different story. The prices of organic products are often high compared to cheap store-brand foods. Organic produce and meat are often a few dollars more than their counterparts. But it would be a shame if we let price tags overshadow the many benefits of buying organic; it reduces the toxins and chemicals in your body, minimizes environmental pollution, and it just tastes better. Here's how you can enjoy healthy organic food and not break the bank...

Step 1

Find a local health food store that offers a co-op in which you buy a membership and become an owner in this store. That means you have a vested interest in shopping there and referring others to do the same. At the end of the year, you get a refund for your loyal shopping based on the total dollars you spent over the year. There's usually a lending library, volunteers to help you with your shopping choices, and other great discounts and coupons. It's really a community shopping center. Click here to learn more about a co-op near you.

Step 2

Join a C.S.A. (Community-Supported Agriculture) and split the cost of a bushel with family or neighbors. You can get over 18 weeks of farm-fresh organic veggies and you won't have to pay the high cost of the store-bought produce. Splitting the cost makes it less expensive, and if you learn how to can items or get creative with the veggies, your money will go even farther.

Step 3

Buy in bulk. If you have a local warehouse store that sells organic foods, load up or shop with a friend and split the cost. This will be a huge money saver. Most local co-ops also give discounts for buying in bulk or ordering cases of food.

Step 4

Buy from the local farmer's markets. You can often save money on organic produce just by buying directly from farmers. Not only that, but you're also buying locally, which reduces your carbon footprint; shipping produce around the world has an impact on our environment no matter how the produce was grown.

Step 5

Visit the websites of all the organic brands you enjoy and sign up for their newsletters. This will entitle you to special coupons. If they don't offer a newsletter or coupons, contact them and ask. They want your business.

Step 6

Visit Mambo Sprouts for coupons and specials. If you become a Mambo tracker, you get exclusive discounts.

These simple tips might not enable you to buy everything organic all the time, but they will help you buy more organic goods without going broke. Cutting corners when possible - planning your meals and eliminating soda and junk food from your home on a regular basis - will make your grocery bill even smaller, and suddenly the higher cost for the organic cheese or crackers won't seem as high. Make choices to buy organic with foods that really count like the milk, cheese, meat and produce from the dirty dozen list. If you go to, you can get a free copy of this list to keep with you. Happy shopping and money saving!

Sommer Poquette is a mother of two young children, teacher, humanitarian, business coach, Shaklee distributor, self taught internet entrepreneur and author and owner of the successful website,

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