How To Buy Your Way into Someone's Favor

When you find yourself in a situation where you desire a certain thing done the way you want it and it seems that the goal you desire can only be achieved through a specific person, you will need to do some manipulation and negotiation.  Anybody trying to win someone’s favor through manipulation and bribery is viewed as tremendously unethical and unfair.  It probably is.  However, that is how reality works.  If you want to get things done, a little manipulation must be done to achieve it.  This is how government, businesses, and most other processes manage to get stuff done.  A person will always like you more and possibly side with you through a little compromise and giving.

  1. Identify the person.  Whether you are playing the game of politics or trying to win the favor of your wife’s family, you need to identify the premier person that holds all the cards.  This is crucial in obtaining what you want in the most efficient way.  Identify the person in the institution or group with the most influence.  Ask yourself why you have to win this person’s allegiance.  Finally, make sure that if you employ your strategy with this person it must create the effect you want.
  2. Research and strategize.  The game is all about strategy.  Just like the board game “Games of the Generals”, you will need to employ certain tactics to reach the desired goal.  Do some research on the person you need to ally with.  Learn his interests, strengths, and weaknesses.  The more information you can get the better to find a surefire strategy.  Normally, you can create two types of strategies.  One would be a frontal assault with an offer of a specific gift or service in exchange of a favor that you need.  If the person has some integrity, this may backfire, so be careful.  The other strategy can be a systematic approach that consists of various preparation tactics.  This strategy will allow you some deniability if you find yourself in a bind.  You can start with a number of gifts and favors given freely without reciprocation required.  Build the trust and strengthen a friendship with the person.  At a certain point, when you feel the bond is unshakable, you can ask for what you want.
  3. Determine the gifts.  Whether it is cash, a gift, or a service, you will need to choose this carefully.  Go back to your research and look at the interests of the person.  If the person loves to go fishing, you can invite him to a fishing trip at a place that he has not gone to yet.  Another option will be to send him various gifts relevant to fishing such as the top of the line fishing rod.
  4. Let him win.  If the person loves competitive sports, invite him to a friendly match against you and let him win.  If he knows that you are a good at the sport, make the match as close as it can be and just make a mistake at a crucial point of the match to ensure that he wins not because you let him.

Earning someone’s favor to further your ambition is normally frowned upon.  The reality is that everyone does it even if they are not conscious that they are doing it.  Sometimes when you meet a person that seems cool and exciting, you will always try to win their favor and interest just so you can bask in his aura and become cool and exciting yourself.


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