How To Calculate Conception

Checking conception period

Calculating the date of conception is a great way to determine how old the baby is and how long it will be before the due date. Although conception may seem easy to determine, there are still plenty of misconceptions when it comes to calculating conception. A lot of people still think that the date can be calculated by the time the actual intercourse took place. Medically speaking, however, conception is usually determined using the menstrual period when the woman has stopped. Here’s ways for you to calculate the conception.

Mark your calendar. Women who have an idea of how long their menstrual and ovulation cycles are will have a better idea of when they have conceived, especially since the starting point for the conception is considered to be the last time that the menstrual cycle took place. The best way to be acquainted with the menstrual cycle is by marking it on the calendar. This will work for a number of women, but it is also important to note that some women have irregular cycles.

Body signals. If you have irregular menstrual cycles, another way to determine when you have lest finished the cycle is by checking out the body signals that manifest itself during the menstruation. For example, plenty of women will notice certain aches in the bodies during ovulation, such as lower back aches due to the increased cervical mucus while menstruating.  Some women will also experience painful lower bellies due to the enlargement of the ovaries during the menstrual cycle. The types of body signals will come from the women themselves and how they experience ovulation.

Predictor kits. There are also predictor kits that will tell you when the conception has occurred. These are generally based on the LH hormone levels in the body. Generally, the body will experience higher LH levels once the woman is pregnant and has conceived. Usually these predictor kits have dipsticks that will be used on urine. The indicator is usually a line that will appear on the stick, or a digital readout that will tell you whether you are pregnant or not.

Pregnancy calculators. Another way for you to determine the date of conception if you already have an idea of when your due date will be is through the use of the pregnancy calculators .these are available online and can be used to trace back on your date of conception by counting the days from your due date backwards. These are, however, not perfectly accurate as not every woman has the same 28 day menstruation cycle. In some types of online pregnancy calculators, you can adjust the cycle to fit your own.

Ultrasound. Finally, you can also use the ultrasound to determine the age of the baby, which will give you an idea of when the conception date was. This is one of the most accurate ways of calculating for the date of conception, and small infants that are only five or so weeks of age can already be discerned by the ultrasound, even before a bump appears on the belly.

Although these methods of calculating the date of conception are not always a hundred percent accurate, these will give you an idea of when conception happened. For more accurate calculations, you can counter check one conception date with another using various methods of calculating conception.


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