How To Call Off an Engagement with Class

Sometimes, the best laid plans don’t always come into fruition. There are times that even wedding plans or an engagement must be called off due to a variety of reasons. If you find that you can’t go on with the wedding because of any doubts or major issues that have risen, you can still handle things with class. Here’s how.

  • Carefully evaluate your feelings. Listen to your gut instinct. If you know that you are only getting married for all the wrong reasons, don’t push through with it. Sometimes, you may actually be truly in love with your fiancé but realize that it may not be the right time to get married because either one of you is ready. Don’t be like Princess Diana, who cried the eve before her wedding and wanted to call it off, but didn’t because the towels already had their initials monogrammed on it. If you have any doubt, don’t do it.
  • Tell your fiancée first. Don’t let him be the last to know. Have a heart to heart talk with him and be honest about your feelings. Don’t blog about it and let your fiancé find out about his broken engagement from someone else. It’s not respectful and it’s not right.
  • Don’t delay the inevitable. As soon as you decide that it’s not the right time or that he’s not the right person, break off the engagement right away. There’s no use dragging your feet and have the engagement looming ahead of you. You’ll only make yourself sick with the stress and it’s not fair to your fiancé. Don’t delay your talk because it’s his birthday or it’s Christmas. As the song goes, there’s no easy way to break somebody’s heart, and there’s no perfect time to do it.
  • Return the ring.If you’re the woman, and your man is the one calling it off, you get to keep the ring. But really, who wants to keep a ring that will only remind you of a failed relationship? If you’re the one calling it quits, then you should return the ring.
  • Tell immediate family and your closest friends.They’ll be the ones to spread the word, especially if you’re too devastated by the news. If you have a wedding website or are using a coordinator, inform that person right away so she can make arrangements with your wedding suppliers to get a refund.
  • Return any received gifts. If you’ve already started to get presents, you must return these items, including any monetary gifts. It’s the height of bad taste to hang on to presents for a wedding you will never have. Don’t worry; simply sign up for the same items again next time around.
  • Keep it private. When you let other people know about the change in the wedding plans, there’s no need to go into detail. Of course people will be ravenously curious as to why, but you are not obligated to make explanations. Don’t bad mouth your ex fiancé and keep relationship details to yourself.

It’s better to deal with the embarrassment of a broken engagement rather than to deal with the messy complications of a bitter divorce. Take the necessary steps to correct a situation now, rather than going through with something you know is a mistake.


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