How To Care for a Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy is a delicate and yet exciting time for any woman. If your wife is expecting, now is the time to give her extra attention and care. After all, she's carrying an unborn child. Help her through this difficult time and care for her. Here's how.

  • Take her to her OB-Gyn checkups. It is important that a pregnant woman goes to her checkups regularly. Go with her to the doctor to help learn about her needs.
  • Make sure she gets a good diet. Pregnant women need to have the best nutrition possible, so make sure she eats well. Get her the food she craves. Studies show that the cravings during pregnancy have a correlation to the type of nutrients that the baby needs to develop properly. Offer her organic food as much as possible. Take her out to dinner whenever possible.
  • Check that she drinks her prenatal vitamins regularly. Folate and calcium needs increase during pregnancy. A good prenatal multi vitamin will ensure that she and the baby get the adequate nutrients they both need. If you know she's running low on her prescription, be the one to go out and get it refilled at the pharmacy.
  • Do the chores. Allow a pregnant woman to get enough rest, since it is during sleep that the baby grows and develops. Get her off her feet as much as possible, so be the one to do the dishes and mop the floors. Pregnant women have decreased energy levels since almost all systems are directed towards the growth of fetus. If you have other kids, hire a baby sitter for them or take them out so mom can have some quiet time for rest and relaxation.
  • Carry things for her.  During pregnancy, a woman will gain anywhere between twenty to forty pounds. Don't add to the weight that's already on her person by carrying whatever you can for her. She should be avoiding heavy lifting, even if it's another toddler.
  • Give her a massage. A good foot rub or lower back massage can really help ease the discomfort during pregnancy. When she gets leg cramps, which is common during the second to third trimester, be the one to soothe her pain.  Rub cocoa butter lotion on her tummy to avoid stretch marks. Avoid giving shoulder rubs since there are pressure points there that can stimulate contractions. If you're unsure, get her a gift certificate for a prenatal massage to help her relax.
  • Make her feel special. Tell her she's beautiful and sexy. Pregnancy can place havoc on hormones and emotions, making pregnant women sensitive and emotional. Reaffirm that she's special and you love her. Keep doing the sweet romantic things such as giving her flowers and calling during the day to check up on her. Let her know she's not alone so take the time to listen to her concerns.

The next nine months are all about her. If you think she has it easy, keep in mind that she'll be the one to go through the painful contractions as well as deliver the baby. After that, she'll need to nurse and stay up late for the constant care required of a newborn. Give her the best care possible now and make the next nine months all the more special.


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