How To Celebrate an Anniversary at Disneyland

Disneyland is considered as one of the best places to visit and celebrate special days in your life. Most tourists who are in a place where there is a Disneyland theme park would definitely take time to spend their hours in this famous spot.

If you are thinking of celebrating your anniversary with your special someone at Disneyland, and you do not have any concrete ideas yet on how to do this, consider these few tips on how to make your anniversary extra special while exploring Disneyland.

  • Spa. Get a spa or massage service in one of the amenities found at Disneyland, which is at its resorts. You can get these as packaged services, or you can just get the ones that suit your preference. This will be an incredible spa experience, since you will have it in this awesome place. Prepare to relax while getting the pampering that you both need. Of course, you can do this at the last part of your visit, if you think that you will do a lot of walking around Disneyland. If not, then you may take that Disneyland massage anytime of the day.
  • Snow White's Wishing Well. Spend the entire day at Disneyland to enjoy the sights and sounds. When nighttime comes, you can have that romantic walk near Snow White's Wishing Well, where you can whisper your sweet words to your partner. This spot is the perfect place for being close to your loved one, since it is a quiet and pleasant location at Disneyland.
  • Meals. When it is time for the both of you to eat, there are a lot of great restaurants that you can choose from which will make you and your special someone feel closer and more enjoyable with your stay at Disneyland. If you want to have that heart-warming touch in your order, you can call ahead and have the restaurant staff prepare your favorite dishes.Having your meal personalized will surely surprise your partner. You can also ask the restaurant staff to surprise your partner with a gift you've previously purchased or prepared. For an extra intimate dinner, you can also have your dinner at the Blue Bayou, at a table near the waters.
  • Fireworks. After that sumptuous dinner, look for a good spot to watch the fireworks together. Disneyland would usually have magical fireworks scheduled  every evening so be sure not to miss that part since this can add that loving feeling in your celebration. Having your anniversary celebration at Disneyland is already a very special event. Adding more ideas and plans you can do together will make the day even better. You can always ask advice from travel agencies that can help book your trip since these companies would normally have packages prepared for different occasions.

You can also speak with the Disneyland staff if you wish to add some personal touches to the events and features that they offer so that your partner will feel the love and appreciation that you are showing.


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