How To Celebrate Your Twins’ Birthday

Having twins is a double blessing. Twins means having double responsibilities and effort, too. It also involves giving equal and balanced attention and love to each one of them. Celebrating twins' birthday is not a problem; indeed it can be a very exciting event. Moreover, it is very cost-efficient, since you celebrate their birthdays together every year. This means enjoying the celebration with half the price and double and fun.

Here are some tips you can follow to make your twins' birthday party unforgettable.

  • Prepare two cakes, one for each twin. It is ideal to prepare two cakes. This allows you to show each one how your equal appreciation for both of them. You also give each twin the chance to take time to make their birthday wish and blow out their very own birthday candles, which tends to be a big deal for toddlers. Try to get the favorite cake flavors for each of the twin. You can also have one large layered cake for twins if your kids have the same favorite, but make sure you get something for each one individually like ice cream or other treats.
  • Ask a guest to prepare birthday cards for your twins. This can serve as a memorabilia for them. Many children like to save their birthday cards as they grow up so make sure you help them compile it. Stick it on a corkboard in their room or provide a "treasure chest" for each one.
  • Give them individual gifts. Show them your love by asking each one what they want to for their birthday and strive to provide them. Separate gifts will help them gain a sense of individualism as well as equality.
  • Play their favorite games. Make sure to include games during the party. Since you are celebrating the party as one, you can focus your budget in a special birthday party. Choosing parlor games that you know your children enjoy. Sometimes they may have different game preferences and it's better to arrange the party program that includes both. You can also hire a private clown or a mascot to make the birthday party more festive.
  • Invite both their sets of friends. Make sure to invite the right people in your twins' birthday party. Primarily you should invite their friends, schoolmates, cousins and other relatives. If your children have different sets of friends, make sure you invite them equally. Count and estimate the exact attendants to fit them in the venue where you intend to celebrate the party.
  • Choose an accessible venue. The venue must be large enough to accommodate your guests as well as the activities you've prepared. It must also be convenient in terms of the distance and accessibility to your guests. You want to have a good attendance to ensure the success of the party.

In celebrating your twins' birthday party you must above all be considerate of anything that may affect your twins' party. In a birthday party you must always strive to keep each twin happy. If you are constrained by a tight budget, the birthday party can also be a simple one. What is important is that you show your kids that that day is their day, and they are the two stars that shine to make it especially brighter.


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