How To Choose a Crazy Party Theme

It’s time to have a party and you’re the host. Make it more fun and build a theme around your party! It’s a great way for self-expression and letting loose. There are so many exciting ideas out there. Here’s how to choose a crazy theme for your party.

  1. Determine whose party it’s for. Why are you having a party and who will be going? Will this be a children’s birthday party? Will it be a senior prom or graduation ball?  Is it your office Christmas party or your friend’s birthday bash? It’s easier to think of a crazy theme when you know what kind of guests are coming. You’ll want it to be relatable and age appropriate.
  2. Set the date. When is your party? What season is your party? For example, a Christmas in July theme party will stand out because it’s so out of place in the summer.
  3. Get inspired! List down all your ideas no matter how outlandish or ridiculous it may sound. You can always edit later. Get ideas from places, books, TV shows and the Internet. Don’t stay within the current times: go nostalgic and think of what you liked when you were younger. You may decide to go for a decade themed party or a particular show popular in your childhood.
  4. Include your friends in on the action. They will be a great resource for ideas. Someone you know may be artistic. You can borrow from them or have them help you make props, costumes, invitations and other things you’ll need for the party. If you are going with a theme from a certain country or region, you may know someone from there who can help with the food.
  5. Be practical and see if you can execute your theme. The easiest way is through songs, food and decorations. You may have a great theme, but if you can’t make it come to life because you lack the resources, then your guests may not understand it. Songs from a particular era are easily downloaded from the computer now. Think how accessible it will be for your guests to participate in your theme.
  6. Stay within your limits. Every party has a budget. The bulk should go to food and drinks, but you will need to a lot some of your cash for decorations if it is a theme party. Go to thrift stores, vintage shops and the goodwill store for your props and costumes. Giant party stores also have a number of themed products. If you don’t want to buy, make your own decorations but stay within budget!
  7. Remember the details. The more details you have to support your idea, the more people will see your theme. See how you can incorporate your food, drinks and music with your theme too! Is there something dramatic you can place at the entrance that will instantly tell your guests the theme of the party? What rooms will you decorate? When decorating the venue, you may want to include the bathroom too!

A party is always a great way to spend time with family and friends and create new memories. Make yours truly unique and add a crazy theme to it. It will take a little more effort, but you and your guests will remember your party with fondness, and maybe even inspire them to throw one too!


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