How To Choose a Unique Housewarming Gift

Your close friend and his family just move in a couple of houses from you and you are now racking your brain for the perfect housewarming gift to welcome them to the neighborhood.  Well, sometimes a nice cake or pie should do the trick.  However, if you want to give something that they will really remember then you should consider giving something that no one commonly gives but is still practical and useful.  To help your efforts, here are some of the top unique housewarming gift ideas that you can choose from.

  • Digital frame.  Picture frames are common housewarming gifts since they are useful and not too pricey.  Now, if you want to take it up a notch and be unique, then consider thinking of the same concept but going a bit more towards technology.  The digital frame, which will probably cost quite a bit more than the typical picture frame, is a fantastic gift option since it provides the receiving family a tool to display their treasured photos.  The only difference is that they can display almost a limitless series of pictures on one frame and rotate each one similar to a PowerPoint presentation.  Giving this gift combines practicality with uniqueness thus, making it a very memorable gift.  Remember to include a nice USB flash drive along with the digital frame so that they can save all their digital pictures on it and transfer it to the digital frame.
  • Go organic.  Another gift idea is pretty unique is by preparing a gift basket and throwing all kinds of organic stuff.  Start with a bottle of organic liquid soap.  It would be wise to throw in two bottles.  Add a couple of organic soap bars, oatmeal soap would be a good choice.  Throw in a nice bottle of organic shampoo into the mix.  Now, wrap the basket with a couple of ribbons along with a pillow or towel and the gift will be golden. 
  • Personalized stationary.  Another gift idea that many people overlook is the notepad or stationary.  This is a great gift idea since they can use it to scribble down notes on the fly when using the phone.  A nice set with a pen, post it, and personalized stationary (with the family name of the recipient) would be absolutely unique.
  • Custom mailbox.  This idea can be purchased in various home supply stores or you can make it yourself.  Basically, the mailbox should have a pole where it can rest on.  Now, to make it special, you will want the house number and family name of the recipient engraved on it.  It would be a good idea to have it painted in the same color as their house so that it will fit the overall theme.   
  • Go green.  If you are looking to make them happy while encouraging them to do their part in making the world a greener place to live in, then consider giving them a set of light bulbs that are eco-friendly and energy savers.  This is another idea that is both practical and unusual. 

These are merely some of the unique ideas you can ponder on.  However, in the end, remember that it is always the thought that really counts.  The actual act of giving a housewarming gift should be enough to welcome them to the neighborhood.


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