How To Choose the Best Birthday Cake for Your Baby

Who doesn’t love a birthday party? The very thought of a birthday party, with the images of cake, balloons, lively music, good wishes and the company of friends, is something that would ordinarily give cheer to a person’s heart.

The center of this whole celebration is, of course, the birthday boy (or girl). Ideally, he should be the one to choose the theme of the party, along with other details such as the kind of party supplies to be used, the entertainment, the music, the guests, etc. It’s a whole different story altogether, however, if the birthday boy is just a baby. In this case, it will be up to the parent (or guardian) to decide the details of the party. One of the main details that would have to be arranged would be the kind of birthday cake for the baby. If such detail has been left in your hands, of course you’d want nothing less than the best for your baby. So how to choose the best birthday cake?

First of all, it’s important to qualify the term, “best,” it would depend largely on the baby’s age.

If it is the baby’s first birthday, the main things you should consider when picking out a birthday cake would be: how the cake looks, and whether it is made of ingredients that the baby hasn’t yet been acquainted with. Examples of these ingredients would be eggs and too much sugar. That’s why it’s a good idea to stick to healthier varieties of cakes (such as banana cakes, carrot cakes, or apple cakes), which don’t have the large amounts of sugar that traditional cakes tend to have. These cakes could be decorated with ingredients such as yogurt and whipped cream.

Though you can serve this healthier cake version to your baby and the other kids and toddlers present at the party, you could opt to have another, more traditional cake for the other visitors and for the purposes of taking pictures.

If the baby is a little older, like in their 2nd to 4th years, they could already enjoy the more traditional cakes available (of course, though, it’s a good idea to encourage a healthy diet among children, regardless of their age). This time, you will have a better idea of their preferences, such as their favorite colors, cartoon characters, and tastes (chocolate, vanilla, etc). Remember to center the theme of the birthday cake around their preferences; let them be part of the planning process, and this will encourage them to be independent and will let them know that their opinions are truly valued.

Make the birthday cake a learning opportunity for your baby. If he is already learning how to count, let him realize that the number of candles correspond to his age. Count out the candles together; count also the other elements of the cake including the flowers, the cartoon characters, etc. Let him consider themes such as a Farm Animal cake (where he could learn more about the different animals), a number cake, and the list goes on.

Plan together the greetings that would be expressed on the cake. This could be an introduction to reading for him.

Why not consider making the birthday cake together? Again, this would be an opportunity for you to bond with your child, and to let him see the cake-making process for himself. He would also feel a sense of autonomy with the accomplishment of making his own cake. However, if you are too busy for this, by all means, pick out a ready-made cake (along with the birthday boy).

For more ideas about different baby birthday cake designs, check out websites such as Have fun!


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