How To Choose the Right Time to Propose

Just the mere thought of proposing to a woman probably turns a man’s legs to jelly and rightly so. Every aspect has got to be perfect including getting down on one knee and presenting the engagement ring. This is quite possibly one of the most memorable occasions in a man’s life.

If you’re one such guy who needs advice on choosing the right time to propose, look no further. It’s all right here! The only bad idea is doing it on national television.

  1. Her birthday. You might think that proposing on her birthday is like taking away her thunder. On the contrary, proposing to her on her natal day only makes it more relevant and memorable. Book a table at her favorite restaurant, invite both your parents and your siblings, then propose and ask her hand in marriage. Since you are in front of people who are closest to you, please make sure she will yes.
  2. Valentine’s Day. If a woman is truly in love with you, she won’t be able to resist a marriage proposal on this very romantic day. Valentine’s Day is made for wedding proposals so pull out all the stops to make this day THE DAY.
  3. Your anniversary as a couple. Depending on how many years you’d been dating and if you observe annual anniversaries as a couple, this would also be a good date to ask her hand in marriage. Reserve the date, book a weekend trip to a picturesque bed and breakfast, celebrate the day, and seal it with an engagement ring.
  4. Christmas. Kiss her under the mistletoe, dress up as her favorite Christmas character, place the engagement ring in a nicely wrapped present or Christmas stocking, and propose already! This is the ideal time to spread the holiday cheer in the form of a wedding proposal.
  5. New Year’s Eve. Take the countdown as your cue to sweep her off her feet with a ring that welcomes the New Year with a deafening and resounding bang. You will most assuredly get a favorable over-the-moon response.
  6. Independence Day. You cannot miss the irony here as you are literally bidding goodbye to your independent bachelor lifestyle and ushering in coupling through marriage. Despite this, July 4 with its fireworks and noise is a great date to propose surrounded by family and friends.
  7. Easter. Though not typically a date reserved for marriage proposals, proposing on Easter brings with it the element of surprise. It’s an event still that therefore merits your consideration. You can organize an Easter egg hunt and tell those who are invited what you intend to do. Hide the engagement ring in a faux Fabergé egg (a genuine Faberge egg will cost you years of therapy) and make sure she is the only one who gets it so a little sleuthing and your friends’ total cooperation is mandatory to your proposal’s success.
  8. On the date of your parents’ wedding anniversary. This might be a long shot but your parents’ wedding anniversary might be something you would want to consider for the element of surprise it brings. She will have no idea at all about what’s going to transpire. She’s bound to think she’s going on a regular dinner date with your parents until you pop the question. This also tells her how much you want to share your life with her because you are doing it on a date that means a lot to your Mom and Dad.

Take Sasha Fierce’s message to heart: If you like it then you gotta put a ring on it.


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