How To Combat Racism in Your Everyday Life

Racism, by simplest definition, is the belief that one person’s race is the main factor to determine the person’s traits, capabilities, limitations and even one’s superiority. The usual question that always plays in our heads is “Is the place where we come from THE obvious inferior ethnicity of our race the reason why nations go well with each other?” or better yet, since we’re only human, “How can we stop racism in our everyday lives?”

As simple as it may sound, ignoring racial superiority is easy. Yes, actions may speak louder than words – but if a person acts without even saying anything to clear things out, people may get the wrong idea. It’s those things people from the past say that can decide whether the things we do are right or wrong. For example, Africa is one big continent but not every country that is located in Africa is in the state of poverty. Too much generalization, I say.

What’s my point? Superiority complex is one of our problems. Phase that out of your system and your battle against racism will slowly progress. Next is racial generalization. Just because the most known terrorists to-date are Muslims, that doesn’t mean that Muslims really are terrorists. I’m sure you’re getting my point now.

No matter how hard we try not to show our children the brutal reality of what the world offered us way back in the past, it would always come back from time and time again. Unless we find an effective, peaceful and clean way to suppress racism, only then can we find unity that can be defined beyond borders. It’s true that our children would act like lightning rods if racism continues on through the next generations. They hold our legacy, while we affect their future.

Another statistical fact states that sports unite people. The idea of having athletes compete with each other every 4 years in the Olympics soothes the racial wounds our history has experienced. We play our hearts out and show our skills to the world for the pride of our country and for the unity of our cultures. That doesn’t only happen in the Olympics. We have hundreds, if not thousands, of sports out there. One sport that is devoted in eliminating racial discrimination is English Football. As most people would say, “Soccer is the world’s favorite sport”. It’s the only sport where you can see 50+ people playing, ignoring the fact that they’re from different cultures and thousands of screaming fans cheering for their own teams.

Those are just examples on how we can stop racism for the benefit of our present date, and the future of our next generations. Change is inevitable, but is should always start through independent thought that could lead into change for our very own good. Ignore our differences – try to start treating everyone equally, no matter how high or low we are in our society. After all, we all are created equally. Don’t you all think it’s time to treat each and every one of us that way?


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