How To Confess a Secret

Have you ever had a secret that you asked someone to keep? Or has someone told you a secret and asked you to keep it? Often when there is a secret to keep, one is asked to promise under oath that he will not tell anyone about it. The owner of the secret has a strong faith that his friend will be true to his word in keeping that secret.
A secret is something you can compare to a sin you have committed. Remember when you go to confess a sin you believe and have a strong faith that the confessor will keep that sin a secret. It's just going to be between you, him and God. The prayer the priest gives as penance washes away the guilty the sin has caused. Often you may wonder if you will ever go and confess the sin you have committed. Just as this, there are secrets you cannot and should not keep.
On deciding whether to keep or confess a secret, there are some factors to consider before you can really decide on the course of action you have to take. Here are some questions that could help you in your decision:

  1. Will keeping the secret do harm to someone innocent?
  2. Will the secret when kept do more harm than good?
  3. Does the secret involve something illegal or unlawful?
  4. Will keeping the secret put someone in danger?

Now that you have evaluated the secret you have and have decided to confess it, here are some steps on how to go about your confession.

  1. Determine your reasons for confessing your secret. In deciding to confess your secret, you have to have a genuine concern in a person's welfare. You have to have a clean and sincere desire to put things right.
  2. Find a person you trust or feel comfortable with, someone who will stand by you even after the revelation. Finding a spiritual leader in a catholic church could work for you.
  3. Be considerate with the person you have decided to confess your secret to. Consider too the effects of your confession and how it would affect the other person's life and point of view.
  4. Be true with your confession. Don't leave anything in secrecy. Reveal every detail of your secret.
  5. If you can't make your confession in person, try making an anonymous confession. This is done online and keeps the identity of the one making the confession. You can use a fictitious name to protect your real identity. Usually this is done when the secret you are to confess is an erotic one.

The steps on how to confess a secret have been laid out for you, and the decision is now in your hands to make. Carefully evaluate your decision, its pros and cons. Do it at the right time, with the right reasons and to the right confidante. Remember a true and sincere confession will make you feel good and not make you feel guilty for confessing the secret you have kept.


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