How To Convince Your Parents to Give You More Freedom

Are you a child that gets tired of your parents being over-protective? Or are you a parent that finds it hard to let go of your child? Many youths nowadays complain that their parents are overly protective and they do not respect them. Most children say that they are judged guilty without a trial when something goes wrong. And instead of letting the children choose for themselves, they are left shut out by the rules. The tips given below are the measures to be taken by children to gain their parents trust and freedom.

Step 1

Understand your parents. We must admit it, letting go is always hard to do. Your parents' image of you as a helpless baby is still fresh in their minds and cannot be set aside easily. They can still clearly remember your childish mistakes and thus want to protect you -- whether you like it or not. We must also understand that our parents are the ones that are responsible for the way we are raised.

Step 2

Respect your parents. We must understand that our parents spend so much time and emotion in us. The thought of us growing up and eventually leaving may disturb them. We can create a mature relationship with them based on common understanding, tolerance and respect. Respect begets respect. We shouldn't rebel because we feel they're being over-protective. Instead, we must give them the same respect that we want for ourselves.

Step 3

Act like a grown up. You must prove to your parents that you deserve their trust and freedom. And crying or whining about how unfair it was for them to accuse your motives isn't right. You must respond to your parents with maturity. You must answer them in a mild way, to gain their respect.

Step 4

Follow their rules and regulations. The way you respond to your parents' rules also has a lot to do with how you will be treated. Sulking, lying or disobeying is not good at all. Instead, try to tell them about what it is you want to do, so that they'll understand the situation. Try to tell them all about where you'll be and with whom and why it's important to you to stay out later. In this way, they might even say yes. It is also good to bring your friends at home from time to time, so that they'll know whom you're often acquainted with.

Step 5

Be responsible. This is crucial if you want more freedom and responsibility. Take seriously whatever tasks your parents are giving you. Convince your parents that if they ask you to do something, no matter how small it is, it will be as good as done.

Step 6

Take the initiatives. How about offering to cook a meal for your family? Tell your parents that you want to do everything: plan the meal, make the grocery list, budget, shop, cook and clean. If cooking is not your forte, then think of doing something else. You can also try to have a part-time job and take the initiative to save and manage your own money. Though, this may mean less pocket money, your parents will surely observe your grown up way of handling money and be more inclined to give you more freedom.

Step 7

Use your perceptive power or your ability to make decisions. This means that if you have some "minor" problems, you try to work out the problem in your own mind first instead of running to your parents. You must weigh matters first before approaching your parents. You must let them hear the way you have thought the situation out. Then, ask for their observations.

We are living in this uncertain world, where violence, lies, hatred, anguish and badness are everywhere. We must understand that our parents are trying not to expose their children to such things. It's hard for them to see their children suffering from misguidance. So as children, we must talk and act not as a child but as an adult. You must prove yourself worthy of the freedom. By doing all of the written measures above, we are already convincing our folks to treat us as an adult. Furthermore, we must be thankful that we are given concerned parents who care what happens to us.


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