How To Cook a Sexy Dinner Full of Aphrodisiacs

Who says that you need to dine out every time there’s an event to celebrate? Have you ever tried preparing an exclusive dinner in the comforts of your own home? If not, this is the perfect time to do so. Invite your partner at your place and surprise him or her with a superb meal that will be remembered for the rest of the evening.

Be sure that you don’t fret when cooking for a nice home cook meal. Set your mood because this will actually be a fun and hot night. But before buying some food ingredients, have you thought carefully the cuisine you are about to serve? If you do not have any idea yet, why not cook a sexy dinner for both of you.

According to some books, if you want to increase your partner’s libido, prepare a meal that is full of aphrodisiacs. Studies have proven this to be very effective and time tested. In fact, we got the term “aphrodisiac foods” to our ancient forefathers.

Therefore, before you hit the market for your menu, here are some of the most favored aphrodisiacs that you would like to experiment with:

  1. Always start your dinner with a salad, using vinaigrette for dressing. Your sensual salad should consist of the following foodstuff: baby lettuce, blue cheese, salami, basil, and avocado.
  2. Serving oysters as your entrée is also a good idea. Because of its appearance, the oysters reminds you of the vagina but at the same time is rich in zinc which helps in the production of sperm cells.
  3. Fish is a light meal. Instead of serving meat which tends women to be sluggish in the end, fish is a good thought for the main course. Others are serving it with pecan nuts or almonds that are considered to increase sexual passion for women because of its aroma.
  4. If you are thinking of serving something that will factually spice up your love life, try serving a meal with hot chili that can be added in any dish for instance seafood pasta. Hot chili is a natural aphrodisiacs which is known for years.
  5. Serving asparagus and carrots as a side dish will not only butter up the main course but will also boost your libido.
  6. Chocolates are best for aphrodisiac desserts. If you have stacks of chocolates, try melting it and dip into it some aphrodisiac fruits like bananas and strawberries. You can also hand feed one another to make the night more intense.
  7. Instead of serving coffee, pour some ginseng tea and you will see the difference.
  8. Set the mood by serving a glass of wine, playing a good and soothing music, and lightning some candles that has vanilla or apple-cinnamon scent. Remember to make your partner feel comfortable the rest of the evening.
  9. Lastly, if your lover comes in early, why don’t you invite him or her to join you in the kitchen to prepare.  This is the best time to get really close and flirt as well.


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