How To Create a Pregnancy Meal Plan for Diabetes

If you are diabetic and pregnant, then it is important for you to pay extra attention to your diet or your food intake. This entails a good understanding of how to make a meal plan to keep you and your baby healthy, while nourishing your body with the proper nutrition that will not aggravate your diabetes. This is why meal planning is an important activity in controlling your sugar level especially when you are taking in insulin.

Counting carbohydrates. This is a process that you need to be familiar with. What you do here is to track your intake of carbohydrates on a daily basis. Maintaining a healthy blood sugar level equates to taking in fair amounts of carbohydrates daily. This helps maintain the sugar level at a range that is stable and normal. There are several kinds of carbohydrate foods to eat, such as potatoes, rice, bread and corn. One serving of this food group comprises of about twelve to fifteen grams. Vegetables on the other hand make up only a meager five grams per serving. Take note that vegetables should not be included as you count carbohydrates unless more than two servings of this food group are taken in during a meal.

Calories. Calories just like carbohydrates are something that you need to monitor. Caloric intake is the term used to track the amount of calories that your body needs on a daily basis. In general, women who are pregnant require an additional 300 calories on a daily basis when they are in their second or third trimester. When it comes to protein, it is important to get around ten to twelve grams additional as this will be good for the baby’s growth. Overall, around fifty percent of calories will come from carbohydrates, twenty-five percent from protein and another twenty-five percent from fat.

More Tips around Eating Plans. There are serving sizes and calorie charts available for you to use as you work around your diet. Eating 3 meals and 1 to 3 snacks spread out evenly in a day is a healthy habit to maintain. High fiber foods are always healthy, as this is helpful in controlling the sugar level of your blood and ensures that your bowel movement is kept regular.

Overall, it is important that you take care of your food intake during pregnancy. Reading up on food guides and planning at the same time is the best way to go. Make yourself knowledgeable and identify a plan to follow that will help keep you on the right track in ensuring good health for both you and your baby.


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