How To Create Unique Boy Baby Shower Decorations

Baby shower token

Baby showers are a way for expectant parents to announce to the world that they’re having a baby. If you’re expecting a baby boy sometime soon, you will want to invite your friends and relatives for an afternoon or evening of fun. They will expect some baby- and family-oriented activities, and you might be happy to know they will likely bring along some gifts, too.

Decorating your home or party venue for a baby shower used to be drab and conventional, with blue-dominant themes. You had blue drapes, balloons, table cloths, and whatnot. Guests will better appreciate something more unique, though. This is where theme ideas will come in.

Choose a theme appropriate for a boy. Kids love themed parties. Even if your baby isn’t born yet, you and your family will surely love decorating your house or party venue for his very first party. Themes may not necessarily be unique, but having a themed baby shower will be a novel idea.

Here are some ideas you can use as your theme.

  • Cowboy theme. With the Disney Toy Story series having an upcoming sequel, Woody’s roundup might just be a good idea for a theme. You can decorate the party venue with western-inspired décor, such as denim and tartan drapery and table cloths. You can also make cowboy hats for every guest. You can decorate the cake with a cowboy-inspired theme, too. Why not use an image of a horse, rope or a ten-gallon hat. You can even play country music during the party itself.
  • Sports themes.  Who wouldn’t want their son to be a football, baseball or basketball star someday? You can have a sports-themed party easily, with little effort. You can get plush pillows in the shape of your favorite balls (football, basketball), or other sports paraphernalia like baseball bats and golf clubs. You can order a cake shaped like a football helmet or baseball glove. If you’re really into sports, you can give your guests baseball caps or jerseys of your favorite team, as a party favor.
  • Cars. Boys will be boys, and they will always love cars like toys. You can have your cake decorated like a classic car, or a European sports car. If you are fond of cartoon characters, you can also go for a theme that’s inspired by the movie Cars. Go for a cake shaped like tires, a car, or even auto-related things like an engine block. This would surely be a novel idea, especially if your guests are into cars, too.
  • Trains. Aside from cars, trains are often a fascination to boys, regardless of their age (even grown men are known to be fascinated with the power and speed of trains). You can decorate your buffet table to have train tracks all around. Set up a running train set, to add to the fun. If you’re into cartoon characters, you can have your theme based on famous train toys like Thomas and Friends.

Having a baby shower for a boy doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stick with the old blue-themed party. You can decorate with other novel ideas, as well.


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