How To Date a Sagittarius

So the new love of your life is a Sagittarius. Brace yourself, because you're in for a ride! Your typical Sag is a fiery, wild individual who will show you a whole new side to life.

Sags are a fire sign, and as such tend to have strong tempers. Do your best to try not to upset them, because they can lash out pretty hard on you. Treat them with patience, they often don't know just how irrational they're being. When dating a Sagittarius, try to keep in mind their displeasure of authority figures. It may explain why they hate politics, have bad relationships with their parents, did poorly in school or got in trouble often as children.

Sags are deeply creative individuals, often artists or writers. They like to muse and dream about the what-ifs of the world. A Sagittarius may enjoy going to an art gallery or museum as a date. They probably are more apt to enjoy epic movies based in myth or legend instead of an action flick, or would enjoy independent or art cinema instead of the latest Hollywood release. Try taking them to a great ethnic restaurant for dinner instead of a more mainstream place. Somewhere really unique that showcases the cuisine. Sags tend to have an anthropologist's heart and love to experience new cultures.

Sagittariuses are very romantic. They would enjoy things like walks in the park, watching the sunset (or rise!) Long nights by candlelight, massages with fragrant oils, baths sprinkled with rose petals or a pint of their favorite ice cream stashed in your freezer are all wonderful ways to let them know how much you appreciate and love them.

Sags love to laugh and love to have fun as much as they like to wax philosophical and ponder the big questions of the universe. Always be prepared for tickle fights and hilarious conversations. Also be prepared for deep thoughts on everything from science to religion.

They are also free spirits, and fairly unpredictable. Try to remain loose around a Sag, as they tend to change their mind often in order to follow their hearts. They listen to their guts and act on impulse more often than not, sometimes to the fault of saying or doing the wrong thing at the wrong time.

The wonder of dating a Sagittarius is that they will never fail to amaze you. They'll always give you something to think about and keep you on your toes. Love your Sag and your Sag will love you back. Just remember to embrace their wild side!


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