How To Date a Scorpio

Scorpios, people born between October 23 to November 22, are stereotyped as having brooding demeanors, unpredictable tempers, and sharp tongues.  With Scorpios, what you see is what you get, but sometimes their prickly personalities are a cover for limitless devotion for those they care about.  Scorpios are reliable and faithful, which makes people with this sign good partners when they are handled with care.

It may be difficult to approach a Scorpio because they tend to not be outwardly expressive.  That does not mean they don't want to be approached, merely that they're not good at advertising themselves.  Potential suitors should approach carefully and avoid excessive flattery.  Scorpios are highly cynical and will attempt to analyze the person's motives rather than just accept a compliment for what it is.  Scorpios like to be noticed for their intellect, talent, or unique skills, and not their beauty initially.  Scorpios are competitive and work hard at perfecting their abilities, whereas their beauty may be something they have had no hand in.

Most Scorpios don't expect much from others as they are highly self-sufficient; however, they do appreciate politeness and decorum.  When on a date or outing, the Scorpio should be involved in the planning and not have his tastes taken for granted.  For example, rather than presuming that a Scorpio likes red wine and ordering on his behalf he should be asked if he would like to make a recommendation.  Again, having others make decisions for the Scorpio is akin to undermining his intellect.

A partner might have difficulties determining whether her Scorpio is enjoying an interaction because Scorpio's body language is typically hard to read.  Asking questions along the lines of "Do you want to keep doing this, or are you ready to move on to the next thing?" will minimize discomfort.  Sometimes the Scorpio may waffle and appear to be ambivalent about a situation, saying things like "This is fine."  Sometimes he means it; other times, he's simply being tactful and trying not to hurt his date's feelings.  In that situation, his suitor should take initiative.  Scorpio likes people whose personalities are well-balanced with decisiveness and softness: people who make considerate choices and will not allow themselves to be bowled over.

Scorpios tend to not be particularly aggressive when signaling attraction to potential dates, so interested parties should look for their subtle clues.  They may speak in code.  For example, a Scorpio might insult a particular well-known trait of his romantic interest's flame that led to the demise of the relationship.


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