How To Deal with Baby Blues

The arrival of a new baby is expected to be a joyous occasion. So it's surprising to find that so many mothers find that they are sad, nervous or depressed shortly after a new baby is born. Although it's completely common for new moms to experience the baby blues, it can be a stressful time for the whole family. But there are ways to deal with the baby blues. Consider these suggestions.

Step 1

Talk to your friends and family. You can't fight this battle on your own. You need to deal with the baby blues by getting support from those around you. Your girlfriends have likely gone through the same experience and have words of wisdom for you. And your husband will be extra-supportive in any way he can once you tell him your concerns. Your closest friends can offer a shoulder to cry on and encouragement along the way, but only if you communicate to them what you are going through.

Step 2

Get lots of sleep. Your hormones have been out of whack for the past 9 months, so you can't expect them to be back to normal overnight. As your body adjusts, the baby blues may set in and be made worse from lack of sleep. Do yourself a favor and get as must rest as possible so that your body has a chance to restore itself to its former, happier days.

Step 3

Focus on what's important. Often, the baby blues are brought on by the stress of so many new responsibilities. A new mom will struggle to be independent but the baby blues can lead her to feel like she's not capable of doing everything she should be able to do. You need to understand that there are others around you that are willing to help. Your spouse should carry an equal share of the parenting responsibilities. And as a new mom, you just need to accept that you can't do everything all at once. Focus on completing the important tasks in your day and give yourself a break often. You just gave birth, so your body is still recovering. It's okay to ask for help and leave the rest for another day.

Step 4

Focus on you. With all the excitement of being a new mom, the woman you were before often gets lost in the shuffle. But not focusing on yourself can lead you to resent baby. You can deal with this aspect of the baby blues by making sure that you take time just for you. Spend a night out with friends, leave baby with daddy and go for a manicure. And don' feel guilty. You've got to take care of your baby's mom, too.

Step 5

Be healthy. In the blur of days that follows a new baby's arrival, your health can be left on the sidelines. Again, this can put your system out of whack, leading to baby blues and a whole other array of ailments. You already know that healthy food is important to getting your body and hormones back to normal. But it's also important to get into a regular exercise routine as soon as possible after baby is born. Go for a walk every day. This will help to release powerful endorphins into your system which will work to cure you of your baby blues.


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