How To Decorate a Church Sanctuary for a Wedding

When preparing for a wedding, decoration ideas abound. More often than not, a lot of focus is placed on the reception area where the festivities are held and the merriment continues. However, the most important part of the ceremony happens in the sanctuary of the church where the couple exchanges vows and where the marriage is made official. This is why special attention should be given here as well. The decorations in the church sanctuary differ in a few ways in that it must maintain a certain elegance and beauty appropriate to its atmosphere. Being a place of worship, extra care must be given to preserve the solemnity of the church and certain rules followed according to its requirements. Here are a few tips to consider:

  • The first step is to go to the church and speak to its administrator regarding their specific rules in decorating the sanctuary. Churches have certain conditions regarding decorations that may or may not be used. This is very important to take into consideration to avoid problems later on. Some of them may include certain restrictions on the use of candles, methods of fastening decor on specific areas such as the pews, railings , and balconies, and guidelines on floral arrangements, among others.
  • The most memorable wedding photographs are those taken in the altar. Visitors are led here during the course of the ceremony and the bridal party stays in this area throughout the wedding. It would be a good idea to give it extra attention when decorating the church. For photographing purposes, floral arrangements must be set on columns or pillars that can be moved from one area to another. Certain sculptures that you may already have or could rent out could also enhance the altar’s appearance, in heart motifs or crosses. Another beautiful addition would be candelabras placed on both sides of the altar, adorned with little flowers in colors according to the wedding motif.
  • You may also want to create a wedding arch to be used as an entryway for the bride and the groom, situating it at the end of the pews and before the altar.
  • Place garlands twisting them around communion rails and banisters, adorned with tiny lights or woven around nice gauzy material such as tulle or organza. Should you have large pots of foliage, you may want to add tiny lights that lend the appropriate atmosphere to the ceremony.
  • Some churches have little balconies situated above the altar area or at the back of the church. You may also decorate them with draping garlands woven into tulle and hanging attractively on the balcony railings. Stained glass windows look elegant with tea lights set on their window sills. The reflection of the tiny twinkling lights on stained glass can be a beautiful sight.
  • White aisle runners are normally available in churches or you may rent one out instead. Use it for the couple to walk through and scatter flower petals over them for a dramatic effect.
  • Candles are always a beautiful addition when decorating and especially so for wedding ceremonies. Make use of them in the most imaginative ways possible to create the perfect ambience for the occasion.

You need not spend so much when decorating the church sanctuary. There are so many ways to cut down on the cost and still come up with extraordinary results. Renting out items is a good option. Your expensive flowers can be replaced by greenery or silk imitations and candles are quite cheap but add elegance to the completed look. A little bit of study and creativity will go a long way in making the wedding day a truly unforgettable one, a memory cherished for a lifetime.


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