How To Decorate a Party Tent

If you can’t have your event outdoors, you can hold it inside an air-conditioned party tent. The theme at this point is moot in the sense that you don’t have to think about it because it’s the first thing on the drawing board before even buying your supplies and renting the tent.

Now what you need is buckle down to the know-how of decorating a party tent.

Here’s how:

Choose the right-sized tent to decorate. This is dependent on the number of guests who will be partying under that tent until the booze is gone. You can start with a 10 x 10 canvass tent with a dome-shaped canopy or ceiling. Go bigger than this if you are sure you need something more spacious.

Prepare the following:

Weights to keep the tent steady. You can also use large water jugs to support the weight of the tent and keep it steady.
Towering potted plants.
Helium tank.
Roses and other flower varieties.
Cooler or steel buckets for the booze.
Dinner plates, utensils, and linen napkins.

  • Bring the tent up. Refer to the guide on how to put up tents or ask the supplier to send in their people to help you put it up. While you are doing this task, you can make full use of weights or water jugs to flatten or hold down any wires or ropes that are on the ground. This ensures that no one trips over it at any time during the event.
  • Strategically place potted plants to hide the weights and water jugs. Pick the tallest potted plants that you can find to hide these from view. Of course you have to make sure these plants fit the entire scheme and theme of the tent. Otherwise they’d be out of place.
  • Inflate the balloons. You have to inflate a lot of balloons with the help of the helium tank to fill the dome ceiling with these blown-up beauties. Tie ribbons on each balloon string before letting each one go to float up to the ceiling. You will need a lot of help here so get a crew going. If you have extra balloons, use these to decorate the outer portion of the tent.
  • Start setting the tables. Cover the tables with starched table cloths. Fill bowls with floating candles and the vases with large bouquets of flowers, roses most especially. Place these on the center of each table. Guests will appreciate the soft glow of the candles and the natural fragrance of the roses and flower accents. Next, arrange the dinner plates, utensils, and linen napkins. Make sure the table setup is nothing less than impeccable.
  • Hang twinkling lights inside and outside the tent. String as many lights as the tent can handle. It will look so elegant and breath-taking once the sun has set.
  • Arrange an open bar on all sides of the tent. You can place the booze in coolers or steel buckets for the guests. Make sure there are bartenders manning the open bar in case your guests want special drinks mixed or simply to assist in breaking open, uncorking, and pouring wine and beer.
  • Add more plants inside the tent. If you see that there are gaps in the space that could use more décor, order more potted plants to occupy the space. Just the right number of potted plants so that the guests can have the space to dance when they want to. By the way, order Citronella plants to keep the insects away.

There are more decorating ideas you can use to spruce up a party tent but the basics are right here. As you become more adept at throwing parties under that big ole tent, you can map out any decorating theme even in your sleep. You’ll get better and better and would eventually want to hold your parties in a tent that’s as big as your country club!


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