How To Decorate a Pimp and Ho Party

The moment your guests read the invitation you should expect a lot of squirming and blushing. Well, if it’s nuns you’re inviting! Levity aside, putting together a pimp and ho party is not for the faint of heart or those who have taken a vow of celibacy. Frankly, this isn’t your grandmother’s party. Are you ready to take some spankin’? Well the first thing you have to find is your venue and then send the invitations out 3 weeks before the hot pimp and ho party! Your next task is getting the decorations and setting these up.

Here’s how to decorate a pimp and ho party:

  • You’ll need supplies:
      • Lots of bling
      • Red Light District car plates and red lights.
      • Multi-colored deflated balloons.
      • Red/Yellow lights.
      • Crushed, dark-colored, and thick velvet curtains for draping.
      • Gold –plated coins. Not the real thing. Just get those gold-coated chocolate coins in the candy store.
      • Fake money bills
      • Fake tattoos
      • Hip-hop or urban jungle music
      • Leather clothes
      • Faux fur
      • Whip
      • Cane
      • Top hats
      • Stick-on name tags
      • Invitations following the theme
      • Disco ball
      • Confetti
      • Old vinyl records
      • Pimp and Ho costumes
      • Sound system
      • Spinner or DJ
      • Microphone

  • Have the car plates made. The decals have to read “Red Light District” which should be posted all over the venue. Then you have to put up red lights, the kinds you see in a hostel, stripper club, or whorehouse. If you want to be quick about it, just take off from the inspiration provided by Vegas – The Sin City.
  • Install red and yellow flasher lights. Lighting in this case should be both dark and harsh to really drive home the theme. If you can score a couple of squad car lights, the ones they put on top of a police car? Those flashers, turrets, or cherry lights? Yes! These will look fab on this party!
  • Drape velvet curtains on the tables, sofas, and walls. You can use pleated velvet over the walls so that they fall in a graceful puddle on the floor. Make sure you try as best as you can to create a dark and sensual look when working with velvet.
  • Place gold coins, paper money, top hats, deflated balloons, and bling on the table. Placing these on each table gives off an MTV-ish and racy vibe. The deflated balloons in different colors can substitute for condoms. Remember that you want your party to be suggestive at best not something random strangers can use to hook up.
  • Distribute fake tattoos to your guests. These tattoos should be relevant to the theme. Ergo, dark hearts, shapely pinups, roses, and any theme-centric designs that you can find in the tattoo store.
  • Set up the disco ball, DJ’s booth, microphone, and sound system. This can be located in a slightly elevated stage at the center or middle of the venue. The disco ball should be above the DJ’s booth. Make sure the sound system works by doing repeated sound and mic tests. The first song you might want to play would be the “Macarena.”
  • Assign a person playing the role of the pimp at the reception or receiving line. You know that outfit Snoop Dogg used in the Starsky and Hutch remake? No? Google it and you have the perfect look for the “Pimp” by the door. Remember, Snoop Dogg was wearing a floor-length psychedelic fur coat, a top hat, and a gold cane.

If you can put all these things together you will have a party that people will look forward to! It’s going to be a long fun night of pimp, pomp, and pump! Now don’t forget to buy your own costume, Mr. Rico Suave!


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