How To Decorate for a 50th Birthday Party

Attitudes about age and aging have changed through the years. You now hear the saying “50 is the new 40” and “Life begins at 50.” Therefore, being 50 does not necessarily mean you are growing old. Rather, it’s simply a new milestone or beginning in life. This also means that “over the hill” parties are now passé. People don’t celebrate being old. Rather, people celebrate a happier atmosphere now that they’re 50.

By this time, the birthday celebrant has probably finished a lot of milestones in life. Kids have grown up. Mortgage has been paid for. It’s time to enjoy life as if you’re having a second youth!

  • Think of a positive theme for the party. Being 50 doesn’t mean you have to throw a formal, stuffy party. You can think of various ways to make it fun, without necessarily being too wild. Some ideas to include are a “forever young” party. Or how about a “fashionable fifty” party? If you’re in the mood, you can even hold a retro party, in which everyone should come in costume as if it was back in the 1950’s.
  • Personalize the party. You don’t have to buy generic decor and decorations. You should try to use your own memorabilia and accessories that will reflect the life of the celebrant. For example, you can blow up “then and now” photos and attach these to streamers or posters on the wall. Ask friends and family members to contribute photos beforehand, and you can turn these into a photo collage. You can decorate with pictures from each of the 50 years of the celebrant’s life.
  • Make a dramatic entrance dome. You can use foam and balloons for this. You can cut out a sheet of foam core into the numerals five and zero. Stick or attach inflated balloons with tape or string.
  • Put up poster-sized photos of the birthday celebrant. This will certainly make an impact on your guests. You can have digital photos blown-up to bigger sizes at Wal-Mart photos ( or Perfect Posters
  • Research on the significant events that happened during the celebrant’s birth year or birth decade. Or, you can research significant events that the celebrant had witnessed. These could be historic events in politics, science or even world-events. This can also include significant eras in music or the movie industry.
  • Have everyone wear period costumes. You can visit vintage stores and you can look for period pieces. For example, if the celebrant was born in 1960, you can look for Beatles memorabilia, or you can look for costumes or clothes that people wore back in the 60’s.

Some tips

  • Plan your party in advance. If it will be a surprise party, then make sure the celebrant does not get advance information of the event.
  • Post pictures, but try not to be embarrassing. Do respect the celebrant’s right to privacy.
  • Try to coordinate with the celebrant’s spouse, siblings or children if you’re throwing a party for him. Be sure to involve everyone, so you can make the best party theme ever.


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