How To Decorate for a Baby Shower

Baby showers have become a fun event nowadays. This party is no longer the usual sit-down gathering of mothers and mothers-to-be where coffee, tea or juice drinks are served with cookies. The hours would tick on and still everyone would be seated prim and proper exchanging soft giggles, laughter and well – gossips. Boring, is it not?

Today, baby showers have become exciting and fun parties! There are games, programs and loot prizes for the attendees and the mom in waiting. The venues too, have transformed from drab living rooms to nicely decorated party space. If you want to make a baby shower party look even more colorful, follow these suggestions:

  • Choose a room that is spacious enough to conduct some activities like games and the like. The room must be equipped with basic party tools such as tables, chairs, couches, buffet table, and etc. If you can rent a party area with special fixtures like microphones and speakers – so much the better.
  • Have some balloons especially made for the occasion. It will be nice if the balloons come in different shapes and figures associated with babies like big feeding bottles, pacifiers, pillows, diapers, cribs, spoons and other designs that represent baby stuff. You can fill the balloons with candies, chocolates and other items that will serve as tokens to the guests.
  • Use a color theme for the party. By the time the party is held, you already know if the baby is a girl or a boy, so this will guide you as to what color motif to use for the decorations. However try not to stereotype the whole thing by using plain pink for a baby girl and plain blue for a baby boy. This tradition has become quite tacky and a little variation will certainly help to make the party more classy and unique. Hence you can add some color combinations to pink and blue such as silver, white and even purple – to jazz up the party colors.
  • Hang mittens and socks along with miniature baby jumpsuits all around the party area for a cute look. You may suspend a baby mobile from the ceiling and play it over and over during the party.
  • Collect the gifts from the guests in advance and use them as decorations. Sort them out according to use. Baby toiletries (shampoo, soap, baby oil, baby lotion, wipes, and etc.) may be placed in a baby tub, including of course, the classic rubber ducky. On another table, arrange the other items like baby shirts, diapers, blankets, rubber sheets, baby bottles and sterilizer sets. If there is a stroller or baby sitter, you may place them alongside the table and fill them as well with other baby items that the expectant mother can bring home after the party.
  • Hang a banner on one side of the room and splash it with different colors. If the baby already has a name, spell it out with the use of colored cut outs. Attach balloons on both sides of the banner. Include a figure of the traditional stork carrying a baby in a bundle to complete the theme of the party.

A nicely decorated baby shower party will certainly set a ‘feel-good’ atmosphere among the guests especially the mom-honoree. Try to incorporate some music as well (lullabies and baby songs) to enliven the party. Bring on the fun and give most, if not all of the loot, to the happily expectant mom!


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