How To Decorate for a Bar Mitzvah

A child’s bar mitzvah should be special and festive. Decorating your venue will help make the event more memorable and beautiful and at the same time help honor and celebrate the boy that it is for. Take the time to properly think of the decorations and a theme that will keep the boy’s interests in mind.

Here’s how to decorate for a bar mitzvah.

  1. Start with a theme. Some parents go with a theme that reflects the child’s Jewish heritage. Others incorporate something that keeps the boy’s interests in mind. You can have a theme that is sports related, something with cars, or pop culture icons. It’s up to you. Get the input of your son when planning the party so he’ll feel more involved.
  2. Choose a color motif for the party. Blue is the most common, but why not red, green, or any other color that strikes your fancy? If you want to express purity, make an all white event! Hang white sheer panels on the walls, and use all white linens. Use this color on the table linens, chair seat covers, backdrop curtains and balloons for your big event.
  3. Make a grand entrance. As soon as your guests walk in, they will know it is a special event by the way you have decorated your entryway. Make a statement! Use a balloon archway, or an arbor of flowers. Light up the ground with small candle votives on the sides. You may also use Christmas lights to add drama to your entryway. Attach several strings of Christmas lights from the ceiling and just let it drop down to create a curtain of lights.
  4. Decorate with fruit. According to the torah, fruit is a symbol of prosperity. Why not use fruits as table decorations? Create a fruit topiary using apples, pears, oranges and grapes. You can also use fruits as candleholders on your table, such as apples oranges. Just make sure to secure the bottom so it doesn’t roll around.
  5. Decorate your buffet table! Don’t forget the buffet table when you decorate the room. It’s still part of the celebration. Create larger table centerpieces to be placed on your buffet table and bar set up.
  6. Hang a sign with your son’s name on it. Have a tarpaulin printed with his name, picture and the date of the event and hang it prominently, such as behind the stage or the buffet table where everyone can see it.
  7. Create a signboard for guests to sign a special message for your son. It makes a wonderful memento of the event. Instead of a traditional guest book, a canvas picture signboard is a better alternative.

Celebrate your son’s coming of age with a memorable party! Bar mitzvahs today can be extravagant production numbers that can equal many other weddings. It’s a once in a lifetime event, which is why some parents put out all the stops to make it the best party ever. Some even have fireworks and other pyrotechnic displays as part of the celebration.


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