How To Decorate for a Sweet Sixteen Party

With any party, the decorations are important to your guests’ overall enjoyment, as with food or the entertainment. If you’re throwing a Sweet Sixteen party, it’s important to make the event a night to remember. You should decorate the party with colors, light, and even sound, so that guests and the party celebrant will find the venue interesting and memorable.

  • You will need to brainstorm about party themes and decoration schemes. Since the party will be held for a teenager, you will need to know how you can integrate her interests to the decoration scheme. If you have hired a party or event planner to help organize the event, you can seek professional inputs on how to decorate the venue for your party. Otherwise, you can be creative in looking for ideas in unusual places.
  • Set the mood by dimming the room. Bright lights don’t make for an interesting party environment. Try to introduce elements like twinkling trees or arches. These can add magic to any party setting.
  • Have framed photos of your Sweet Sixteen celebrant all over the place. This can help bring in a personalized touch to the decoration. These can either be at the walls, or at guest tables. These can be excellent conversation pieces, especially if your guests have been part of the celebrant’s life since her childhood.
  • Use music to set the mood. Make a good selection of sounds and musical pieces to compliment the mood of the evening. If you can find a fountain system that follows the beat of the music, this will be an excellent addition to your party. The flow of water will follow the beat and rhythm of the music, and guests will appreciate this as a good conversation starter and spectacle.
  • Keep the color scheme tight. Use balloons, flowers, ribbons, and other materials in the same color range. For example, if your color scheme is pink, then keep the materials closely related when it comes to color. You can use maroon, red, and the like.
  • Try simple flower arrangements on each table. These will be great conversation pieces, and guests will appreciate the simple touch of elegance that a flower arrangement can bring.
  • Rent props to add to your party’s décor. These can include upholstered furniture, and the like.
  • Create a banner to introduce the party’s celebrant. You can print one yourself, or you can have it done by a local print shop. During the party, guests can pose under the banner for souvenir photos.

When setting up a party, have a budget and stick to it. This can help you set your limits when it comes to decorations, and the like. Don’t compromise on the food, entertainment and décor. These are the three main things that make up your party. However, be sure to know what the celebrant enjoys, so that you can set up the food, theme and entertainment accordingly.

Try to prepare for the party a day or two beforehand, if you are throwing it at home or a private place. If you’re setting up at a restaurant or event hall, try to come as early as you can, so you can set up the party décor and favors before the guests come.


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