How To Decorate for an Elegant Dinner Party

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The food you prepare for your guests is not the only factor that determines the elegance of a dinner party. You also need to plan the setting to ensure that you achieve the mood that you wish to create during the event. To do so you need time to prepare for decorating your place. The following are tips to guide you in decorating for an elegant dinner party.

  1. Clean your space. Tidy up your place thoroughly before you start embellishing your home or venue with decorative items. If you are hosting the dinner at home, clean your lawn, backyard, and every room in the house. A clean and well organized house is more important than a fully decorated space. This way you will never be embarrassed to show your dwelling place to guests who would like to have a tour of your home.
  2. Use a theme. Spruce up your place according to your chosen theme then use lights, candles, centerpiece arrangements, table cloths, fabrics, and plants among others as accents. Selecting the right decorative items is a lot easier with an established theme as you only need to focus on one subject of inspiration be it oriental, Hollywood, renaissance, Italian, western or the likes. It does not only help you beautify your premises but also sets the right mood for the party.
  3. Set your table properly. While you can use your personal touch in setting the table, remember that the basics have to be in place. The perfect table settings are comprised with five piece sets of flatware and place settings. Flatware settings have a soup spoon, a tea spoon, a salad fork, a dinner fork, and a knife. The place settings include the cup, a saucer, a bread plate, a salad plate or bowl, and a dinner plate.  If you do not have the complete sets, you can still create an elegant setting with just the fork, knife, and dinner plate. What you need is to learn how and where to place your silverware and dishes properly. To add more panache, accentuate your table with cloth napkins, place cards for each guest, menu cards, fresh flowers, and candles. Minimize the use of candles on the table if your food has to be passed around the table. Keep an elegant setting that is comfortable and convenient for your guests.
  4. Keep it sleek and simple. The key to elegant dinner party is not a bunch of expensive pieces and ornaments displayed together. You can start decorating your table and from there let your imagination guide you to add accents in the room or around your house. Avoid using loud designs or patterns for the fabrics you use especially the table cloth. As much as possible use plain white. While you need colors to brighten up your venue, ensure that you know how to complement the colors to the overall setting. Stay clear of excessively flashy colors and prints.

With ample time before the dinner party, use your creativity and imagination in decorating for the event. 


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