How To Decorate for an Italian Dinner Party

Italian themed parties usually revolve around the delicacies and wine. That said it does not have to be difficult to improvise by sprucing up your venue with Italy as your inspiration. To help you decorate for an Italian dinner party, consider the following pointers.

  1. Use rich colored fabrics to accentuate your venue. Rich tones of red, green and gold then complement with rustic elements. Apply this to your tablecloth, napkins, and other decorative elements. Some people may find it cheesy but for a more casual Italian dinner you can drape the table with the colors of Italy’s flag – red, white, and green.
  2. Embellish with grapes. Popularly known worldwide for its elegant wines and grapevines, Italy boasts of having 20 major grape growing regions and more than 2,000 grape varieties. Hence to host an Italian party with real grapes on tables and strategic areas in your venue can make an authentic touch of Italy in more ways than one. Put up vertical trellises around the premises and embellish them with bunches of grapes and grape leaves.
  3. Use part of your meal as decoration. Not only can you enjoy eating your meals but your eyes can feast on their decorative purposes too. For instance you can fill glasses with biscotti and breadsticks or arrange your appetizing selection of cheeses, chocolates, and cookies on a glass plate or antique glass containers. Display bottles of red or white wine with ribbons or however you wish to personalize them to complement your table settings and of course your meal.
  4. Create a natural centerpiece. Instead of just filling a vase with water and flowers, use urn with a selection of fresh and gorgeous colored pears, peaches, and grapes. You can also use potted herbs, wildflowers, or bunches of sunflowers to make a dramatic floral arrangement. 
  5. Use natural accents. Make use of glass bottles, baskets, terra cotta pots and baskets.  For instance fill a glass bottle with vegetables, fruits, and herbs saturated in olive oil or vinegar. Display dried pasta and garlic cloves in copper pots. Get creative and determine where to place these accents best.
  6. Use candles. Italians are romantic people and a simple way to add a touch of romance to your venue is by using placing scented candles around the area.
  7. Place framed pictures or posters of Italian architecture or scenery on your walls. You do not have to dress up the entire walls with frames but post them strategically for an added boost of Italian atmosphere.
  8. Prepare Italian-inspired mementos. Have favor bags filled with Italian treats such as cookies, biscotti, or cavallucci. You can have the bags printed or embroidered with vine patterns to perfectly complement your event.

There are a number of ways to decorate for an Italian dinner party. You can go country if you wish to be reminiscent of Tuscany – Italy’s wine region or go classic by reviving the elements of Rome in your dinner party. Whatever you choose, play with your creativity and imagination to help you transport your guests to Italy while enjoying at your very own place.  


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