How To Decorate with Balloons at a Baby Shower

Decorating a baby shower with balloons can be an inexpensive way to spice up the place and brighten up the festive mood. Balloons can be easily bought from a party supplies store. Even crafts stores and department stores will have these. You should consider some things when decorating with balloons for a baby shower, though.

  • First consider the venue of the baby shower. Will it be at a restaurant, or will it be in someone’s home? If it will be at home, consider the room’s layout. Can you tie balloons to chairs? Can you easily use tape to stick balloons to the wall? How about letting balloons float freely on the ceiling? Can you make the balloons with extra long ribbons, so you can tie little pacifiers and rattles at the ends? Will the restaurant allow balloons? If you’re celebrating at a restaurant, you might need to keep the balloons more subdued.
  • Consider the colors of the balloons you want to decorate with. If you already know the baby’s sex, then you can use specific colors, like blue for boys and pink for girls. If the parents’ don’t know yet, go for other pastel colors like green, yellow and even purple. You can also go for wilder or more vivid colors if you  know the party will have non-traditional people. Colors can include electric blue or hot pink.
  • If the baby shower is more traditional or formal, then you should consider subdued and neutral colors. In these cases, white always works best. You can simply ask the decorator or the staff to stick balloons in visible places, like behind chairs, near the buffet table, and the like. If there’s a place for a cake and gifts, this is also an excellent place to stick the balloons in.
  • Consider being crafty at the party. You can get different sized balloons so you can create balloon animals, like dogs, caterpillars, and the like. You will need to practice a bit with twisting and partitioning balloons for making an animal.
  • You can also consider buying pre-shaped balloons for the baby shower. These are already shaped like animals or different objects, which can be a fun way to spice up the look of a party.
  • You can also go for balloons with decors and prints. These will help you set the mood more easily. For example, you can have balloons printed with “Having a baby …” Some balloons already come with pictures and colors of favorite cartoon characters.
  • Hand out balloons to guests when you start the party. This way, they have something to bring home to their kids.

Balloons are an excellent way to spice up a party.  Be sure you buy balloons of appropriate size and style. Be sure you also buy balloons in the right color for the crowd you expect to come at the baby shower. Remember to be safe, though. If you’re using helium balloons, don’t let these get near heat or cooking and kitchen tools, as they might explode.


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