How To Design a Swimming Pool Party Birthday Invitation

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Birthday parties are always exciting but holding them in a swimming pool with your family and friends makes them more exciting. You have a great place to hold your party with the best people you would want to share your birthday with, and wonderful birthday invitations especially if you are the one who designed and made them.

Here are a few steps to follow if you wish to design your own invitation for a swimming pool party.

  • Design your invitation cards without having to pay extra for someone to make them. It’s fun making your cards bearing your own design and color. You only need to make use of your Microsoft applications for your invitation card templates.
  • Choose the template that fits your taste and pay attention to the layout as well as the program that you will follow during the party. It is important that you determine which activities to have so you may indicate them in your invitation cards. Make up your mind on the template and layout of your birthday invitations before they are distributed as changes made at a later time may only destroy the appearance of you birthday theme.
  • If the template that you want to use isn’t available in your computer, search for the suitable program in the Internet that will help you with your project and identify the version of the program you have chosen.
  • Once you have found the program in the Internet, download it right away. Most programs will first direct you to an agreement page so all you need to do is to agree to it so you can proceed. Remember that you must download the program first before you can start making your ideal birthday party invitation.
  • If there are sections that you do not want, remove them by clicking on the button that says, “Delete”. Always scrutinize the parts of the template that are not relevant to your birthday pool party theme.
  • Most of the invitation templates already have some wordings on them. That’s not a problem as you can easily remove the invitation message and replace it with a different one in your own words. Also, you are always free to change the style of the font, size, and even the color. If you don’t think the font is too ordinary, you can always change it to something cool and stylish.
  • Is the template boring? Insert some pictures that coincide with your pool party theme by clicking on the “Pictures” option found under the Insert menu. Choose a picture with a tropical layout or an actual picture of your pool, or anything that blends with your theme. Put the picture on your desired location.
  • Now that you have successfully designed your birthday invitation, review it and scrutinize its contents. Before your invitations are printed and reproduced, do the changes and some finishing touches. If you decide to just send your invitation by email, you may send it as an attachment or right away send a copy of it that’s readily displayed on the primary page.


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