How To Eat Your Way To SENSATIONAL Sex!

What You Eat Can Change Your Sex Drive.. AND His!

Face it. When I say, “FOOD and SEX” most people’s naughty little minds go straight to their own version of the movie “9 ½ Weeks.” I mean, who wouldn’t, right? I have to admit, put those two words together, and my mind wanders straight into strawberries, blindfolds and a tub full of warm, chocolate pudding… OK, maybe that’s just me.

But, there’s a LOT more to the whole food / sex relationship than just smothering it all over each other’s bodies.

Instead of screwing each other, you could be screwing yourself by WHAT you ARE or AREN’T putting in that lovely little pie hole of yours….

Think about it.

Ever felt like you sex drive is in park?

Do you ever feel just so damn tired that the idea of sex is right up there on the FUN SCALE with sliding down a fifty foot razor blade?

Has your partner become more romantically involved with the TV remote than with you?

Have you ever looked at your loved one and actually thought that you’d rather be eating a cheeseburger / candy bar / bag of potato chips / whole pizza / all of the above instead playing “Hide the Sausage?”

Do you sometimes feel about as attractive and energetic as a rotting banana?

Yeah, yeah… Haven’t we all?

Well, chances are, if you make a few small changes as to what you put in your mouth, then you’ll find yourself going from so-so sex to SO OH! sex in no time flat.

  1. ZINC WILL BRING ZEST BACK TO SEX. We’ve all heard of Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love, right? Well, part of her myth says that she gave birth to her son, EROS, in an oyster shell, which started the whole oysters equals hot, horny lovin’ stories. BUT what you probably did NOT know is that there IS actually truth to the whole oyster / aphrodisiacs tale. Oysters are loaded with the mineral ZINC, which is the number one nutrient most associated with sex, and for good reason!

    Zinc plays a key role in testosterone production. And this is important for both MEN and WOMEN. If you zinc levels are low, then that means lower sex drives for the both of you. And if you’re drinking a lot of caffeine, alcohol, or smoking, this could be you, as these things increase the need for zinc. YIKES! But, the higher the zinc, the hornier you are! Plus the added bonus that it helps sperm production. Good for those of you hoping to make some puppies of your own.

    So make sure to add LEAN red meat, fish and shellfish, some poultry and eggs, lentils, brown rice and green leafy veggies to your diet, all super rich in zinc… But remember, the NUMBER ONE Zinc food is still the oyster, so slurp some of those down!

  2. SEXY SOY – A GIRL’S BEST FRIEND. I know for some people, SOY products, like tofu and soy milk, sound like some weird hippy dippy food you eat while living on a commune and never shaving your armpit hair. Well, that’s an old idea that needs to be thrown out with that smelly old pair of Birkenstocks! Soy is great protein, low fat AND has phytoestrogens, which keeps mean old PMS and nasty ass menopause at bay. And that’s good because soy binds to your estrogen receptors which keeps your VAG all nice and added little bonus for when the mood hits! (That goes for men too, as soy is a very good friend to the prostrate, an all important male sex organ.)
  3. CHILIES CAN TAKE THE “CHILL” OUT OF YOUR BEDROOM. Capsaicin, that thing in chilies that packs the HOT punch may also be the thing that releases endorphins, our happy chemicals. So eating some chili pepper, (GINGER too) can not only stimulate your tongue, but your pretty clitty as well!
  4. A HEALTHY HEART = HEALTHY SEX. And of course, you knew you weren’t going to get away without hearing how important it is to take care of your heart. Keeping the blood pumping nice and steady will keep the two of you pumping nice and steady in the sack as well. Because if you or your man are eating super crappy food, you’ll not only gain weight, but your libido will go down the toilet to boot.

    Too much fat can clog arteries and in turn prevent the blood from making it downtown to Loveville, i.e. HIS erection or YOUR kitty. Eating too many cheeseburgers? Well, NO WONDER you don’t want to have sex. Not only are you not getting enough blood flowing to get your sex drive to rev up, but you’re probably also just feeling unattractive. And THAT is a HUGE sexual appetite suppressant. Making sure you have a ton of green leafy veggies, and fruits like bananas will help your mood and your ‘tude.

  5. SWEETS FOR THE SWEET. One last note. Eating fruits like pineapple, strawberries, and blueberries will not only help you FEEL better, but it will make you TASTE better as well! Men, pineapple is known to make your, shall we say, “protein shakes” taste sweeter…an added bonus if you likey to get the oral sex. That goes for you too, ladies. Getting several portions of fruit a day will help keep your KITTY sweet and purring, ready for love.

Now more than ever is there a reason to LOVE food.


Lora Somoza is the author of “Bliss in the Bedroom: A Real Woman’s Guide to Better Sex” and a sex advice columnist. To learn even more about sex and get great free sex tips, you can sign up for her free newsletter or order her book at


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