How To Engrave Your Engagement Ring

Engraving allows one to put a personal or sentimental touch to the engagement ring by inserting words or symbols to its interior or its exterior. There is something about putting a sentiment on an engagement ring that makes it so special and it therefore makes it very necessary to know how to go about it and the different choices available. There are several important factors that one has to consider and also choices to make when making an engraving on an engagement ring.

First, one needs to select the jeweler who will work with them to bring out the theme as desired. The message or sentiment on the engagement ring can be tailored to fit the desire of the one requesting it. The engravings can be of two types: hand engravings and machine engravings. The hand engravings are made using a tool called a graver and many hand engravers are artisans who can make intricate symbols with this tool or any style of text desired. On the other hand, machine engravings are done using power driven engravers that use computer aided designs or templates. Ask to see a sample of each before deciding and also check to see how deep the inscriptions are. If the engagement ring will be worn every day and you would want it to last longer, go for the deep set engravings rather than the shallow ones. It is important that the engraving be done before the engagement ring is sized especially if the phrase to be engraved is going to be a long one and if sizing is not done prior, then the engraving has to be very small so that it can be done without distorting the words or symbols.

Secondly, consider the costs of engraving the ring. This will depend mostly on the size of the ring, the length of the inscription, the delicacy and the type of the metal that the ring is made of, or even the urgency of the order. There are many ideas to choose from when making a decision for the engraving and these can be romantic, humorous or just something that is so special for the couple. This could be for example an important date, a symbol that has meaning to just the two of you, or even something funny that only the other person understands. It is important however to choose a theme or a sentiment that will be immortal and relevant many seasons and years to come.



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