How To Enjoy Life

Everybody tries to enjoy life in his own way. However, at some point along the way, he will feel despair. Life appears monotonous and colourless. Why it is so? Let us see how to remove such negative elements from life.

  1. Earn and be independent -  Everybody should work hard to earn a decent living. While it is necessary to earn, it is also necessary that earning should come from a decent means. Earning should be decent and shouldn't be forced.  One shouldn't lose independence or individuality. One's work and ideas should be appreciated. Again, one shouldn't depend on beggary or donations.  By this, one loses self-esteem. One shouldn't be a parasite on society.
  2. Home and family - After earning, one should raise a family and maintain a home. At home, one can take food and go to be timely. One gets love and affection from family members. Also, one satisfies one's sexual urges. So the more time one spends at home, the more one stays healthy and feels pleasure and confidence.
  3. Success - In worldly life, success gives pleasure. In a family, father, mother and children should work hard so that success comes to them regularly. Success may be a promotion at the office, good results on exams or good profits in business. Without success, life becomes monotonous and colourless.
  4. Self-realisation - After one attains age, everything looks useless to him. He finds that old age, disease and loneliness have no remedy. But one shouldn't lose heart. This is the time when one should move towards one's own self. Self is the dearest thing in the world. It is eternal, divine and all-powerful. If one is suffering from loneliness or disease, it is because one has drifted a long way from self in pursuit of worldly pleasure. So through meditation, one should practice how to come nearer the self.

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