How To Enjoy Life in Senior Apartments

Senior privately owned apartments are growing in number in various communities, leading to many senior residences and senior villages. This is in addition to federally owned housing that offers senior assisted living and independent senior living. The features and services offered vary, but since most are designed for active seniors, meal services, housekeeping and medical assistance are not commonly offered. There are apartments offering sports and fun activities like golf, tennis, and hiking along with other utilities, but all these may not be that helpful for seniors.

Senior life is the period in which health problems usually increase. It is also the time when seniors have to live by themselves, although their friends and family can visit them from time to time. In such case, there are still reasons to enjoy independent senior living. It's impossible to avoid getting old, but it doesn’t mean you can't enjoy life anymore. So here's how to enjoy life in senior apartments and get the best out of old age.

  1. Be busy. At an old age, the choice is either to wear out or to rust out. Deteriorating physical condition is expected at a senior age, but it would be better to go through it by being busy than rotting in bed. This is what George Burns, Bob Hope and Grandma Moses have done, and it inspired a lot of seniors, as documented in various TV shows.
  2. Move and stretch. Stretching might be the easiest way to exercise. Aside from stretching, simple walking can also be of big help. It can be done along with other senior residence folks in your apartment’s community. This simple exercise can also lessen the amount of bodily toxins that may have accumulated in the body. It also tunes and tones the muscles, especially the heart and bones.
  3. No stress. Stress is the number one culprit for deteriorating physical and mental health, especially for seniors. It decreases the flow of blood to the neurons, thereby decreasing learning ability and memory recall. To fight stress, you can do yoga, and other forms of meditation. Walks every morning in your senior residence or playing a soothing and relaxing music can also do wonders.
  4. Eat healthy. At a later age, the body needs support not only to fight diseases but also to maintain the strength of the muscles and bones. Fish, fruit, and vegetables must be constantly included in daily meals, especially those that are rich in calcium and fiber. Of course, drink plenty of water for the proper and efficient flow of those nutrients.
  5. You’re old and that’s the truth. Accepting reality gives you the freedom from stress and fear. Getting old is part of living a long life. It's something you can't escape if you're really destined to be there. As what Marcus Seneca said, the gradually declining years are the sweetest in man's life, as it is the time when accumulated knowledge is turned to wisdom, which in turn must be shared with the people who have been part of your life.

Indeed, old age is inescapable. It's up to you to enjoy life in senior apartments. No one, even the richest, the strongest, or the most beautiful person can run or hide from this harsh reality of life. That's why it's a must to make the most of every moment, to live it to the fullest so that as we look back on those moments, we'll have nothing but a smile on our face. And finally we can say, "it's indeed a life worthily lived. Well done." 


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