How To Enjoy Snow and Cold Weather

Remember when you were a kid and you used to jump up with glee whenever snow days caused schools and offices to close for the day? You even considered yourself lucky if the snowfall got heavier and school was canceled for an indefinite number of days. But snow days aren’t meant to be enjoyed by kids only. When you can’t go to work because of the snow, think of it in a positive light—it’s a much deserved reprieve from all grown-up, worldly concerns. Here are some tips on how to enjoy snow days and the cold weather.

  • Keep up with tradition—build a snowman or snow angels. Scour through your closet and get fitting accessories for your snowman or snow-woman if you’d prefer that. Lie down on the snow and make a host of snow angels. Or if you want something different, use your imagination and try to make snow sculptures of different animals, things, characters, or even of people you know. What’s important is to have fun while doing it.
  • Start a snowball fight. Whether you’re with family or friends (you can tell them to come over if you want), it’s exciting to have a snowball fight. It’s fun making big balls of snow and throwing them at random targets, and checking out if they’re going to take a clean hit at you or not. You could all use a bit of adrenalin rush and excitement to keep you warm and happy on a particularly cold winter day.
  • Keep warm by making your own hot cocoa. You might have fond memories of your mother or grandmother making the most delicious cup of hot cocoa for you. If they’re not around for you to bug them into making you some hot cocoa, you should try and make your own concoction. Since you don’t get to drink this all the time, you can indulge and include lots of marshmallows, a candy cane, or for a bit of exotic flavor, add red chilies and a pinch of cinnamon to your brew. It’ll surely give you a warm but delicious kick.
  • Play board games or card games. Board games and card games aren’t boring at all. Especially if they’re games requiring you to think of strategies to outsmart your opponent. Some games are intellectually stimulating, while others are simply pure fun. On a particularly cold and snowy day, you can while those blues away by taking out all your old board games and having a go at them one by one. Or brush up on all the card tricks and games that you learned before like Solitaire, Bluff, Go Fish, or Poker.
  • Play parlor games or group games. Parlor games were very much in vogue during the Victorian era, and it wasn’t the kids who just participated in them, but it was mostly targeted for the adults. And they weren’t only played during parties and gatherings, they were considered as a form of family entertainment during the evenings. You can play Pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey if you want to, but parlor games aren’t just limited to this. There are a lot of games you can play where you can play by the rules or make them up as you go. Anything from darts, kissing games, drinking games, spin the bottle, truth or consequence, or even table games like air hockey and ping pong. Just make sure the game is appropriate for everyone.
  • Have a movie or series marathon. If you have piles of DVDs or you’ve been wanting to watch a particular movie or TV series, now’s the time to do so. Get your coziest blanket, a warm cup of cocoa, some chips, popcorn, or snacks in bowls and turn off the lights. Plunk down on your sofa and prepare to be glued to the TV screen for hours.
  • Start up a hobby, an experiment, or a crafts project. If you’ve been harboring a secret hobby or crafts project that you wanted to get started on but don’t seem to have the time to do so, now is the right time to give it a go. Whether it’s knitting, dollhouse making, stamp collecting, wood carving, sculpting, painting, composing poems, photography, calligraphy, or learning a new language, it’s never too late to start. You’ll also do yourself a favor by learning some new skill.
  • Catch up on your sleep. It’s much more tempting to dive under the covers and sleep during rainy days and winter. And it’s not bad at all especially if you’re sleeping terribly late all the time and you really need to catch up on your sleep.
  • Go back to being a wonder-filled child again. When we were kids, things were much simpler and we saw life through rose-tinted glasses. We saw the beautiful wealth of possibility in all the little things, even in snow days and bitter, cold weather. The snow and the cold weather induces people to spend most of their time indoors, and when we’re stuck at home with nothing much to do, we tend to think a lot. It would be nice to reminisce on being a kid again and the things that made us genuinely happy. Think about how you enjoyed making a jolly snowman or snow angels, skating, and sled rides with your family or childhood friends. Think of the other games and pranks you used to play, or some traditions you used to practice as soon as the snow sets in.

The snow and the bitter cold is no excuse for moping around with dampened spirits. Go back to that feeling of simple happiness when you were a kid and just enjoy the moment as it is, including the snow and the cold weather. When regular work days go back or when the weather runs boiling mad, you’d think back and wish you could have even a day of reprieve to enjoy the cold winter wonderland again.


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