How To Explain to Young Children that the Family Is Going Through Hard Times

Every family has its own share of problems. Families go through different issues and troubles. A lot of families go though hard times and it’s the parent’s responsibility to ensure that they survive whatever storm comes their way. Part of that responsibility is also to let the children know about the situation.
Telling your children about a crisis is not an easy task. It is your basic instinct to protect your children from the problems of the real world, but it is also the right of a child to know these things and it’ll help prepare them when it’s time to face these kinds of problems themselves. Be careful on how to talk to your children, and how much you will tell them.
Be polite and calm. Being in a tough situation can cause you to become agitated and sometimes lose your temper. When talking to your kids about the situation, make sure that you do it as calmly as possible. Your goal is to just inform them that the family is going through hard times and not scare your kids. Tell them that the situation is just temporary and ensure them that you are doing everything you can to improve your current situation.

Find the right timing. Make sure that you don’t shock your kids when you tell them about a problem. Try to find the right time to tell them the news. A lot of kids, especially the young ones cannot handle sudden shock. Before telling them the problem explain that it’s not their fault and that you will always be there to protect and take care of them.
Don’t be too informative. Young kids wouldn’t understand if you tell them about financial problems or recession problems. Keep things simple and make sure that you speak in terms that they can understand. Explain to them the basic things that’ll change due to the problem, like not being able to buy new and expensive toys or not going to the mall every weekend.
Ask for their opinion. Asking for their opinion might not always lead to the right solution but it’ll help you kid clear their confused minds. It’ll also give them a sense of responsibility and make them feel your trust. This will give your kid courage and will help them in the long run.
Be a family member.  Do not just explain things to them as their parent, but as a co-member of the family. Make sure that they understand that all of you are giving up something in order to help the family as a whole. If kids know that their parents are with them, it will be easier for them to make sacrifices.
Going through tough times can be a very effective learning experience for your younger children. As long as you work hard, remain calm and are united as a family, they will feel that everything will be all right. They will also learn very important life lessons regarding money and the economy that will help them survive in the future.


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