How To File a Paternity Case

When the man of the house is not sure whether he is a newborn's father, that child's birth is sometimes not as joyous and wonderful as it should be. Getting a reluctant father to admit that he is the father is no simple feat, either. To establish paternity of the newborn child, you may need to file a paternity case with your county court.

Head over to the county courthouse or to their website, and receive the paperwork required to file a paternity case. Fill out all of the required paternity paperwork, and submit the completed paperwork to the county clerk's office. You will want to make two copies of the paperwork for the case filing, and you might want to make an additional copy for your own records.

If you need help filling out the necessary paperwork, ask someone at the county clerk's office for assistance. You do not want your petition for paternity testing declined because of an error on the paperwork.

Next, take the paternity paperwork and the copies to the county clerk's office to file the petition for paternity testing. To file the petition for paternity establishment, you will have to pay a filing fee. This fee normally costs from $200 to $350 dollars, depending on your state. The petition of paternity establishment has to be filed in the location that has been stated on the paperwork. Ensure that you are filing the paternity case in the right location.

Once the fee has been paid to the court, you will receive the two copies back with the court's stamp and the case number added to them. One of these copies is for your personal records, and the other set is for serving the father of the child that needs to make the paternity test. You will have to ensure that the father of the child has the papers served to him.

The person that has filed the petition for paternity testing should not be the one that serves the paperwork, but it must be served to him by another person that is over 18 years of age. You will need to record when and where the person was served on another form. Make two copies of the service form, and submit all of the paperwork to the county clerk's office.


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