How To Find a Foster Care Agency Listing

Whether for your own children or for others, families will sometimes encounter the need for foster care. With the quickly growing rates of crime, violence and even premarital sex, it is not unusual for children to be born into families and households that cannot yet provide and nurture a healthy childhood and life. For this, a foster agency is of great help in providing a foster family that will take care of children. If you are looking for a foster care agency listing, here are the ways to find them.

  1. Check with social services. Contact your local social services department and ask for an appointment. In the appointment, you will tell the agents about the particular children who you believe are in need of foster care. The circumstances and situations around each child will vary greatly from others, which mean that you will need to be as detailed in explaining the problem to the social service workers. If the child is yours, provide the reasons why you cannot satisfactorily provide and take care of your children. If the children belong to other parents, you will need to justify why you think they are unable to satisfactorily meet the parenting requirements they should provide on their children. In most cases, the social service workers will arrange for a visit with the child in question, and conduct their own questions, to ensure that all other possibilities are exhausted, and to ensure that the child himself believes that foster care is the best option. The social service workers will then provide you with a listing of foster care agencies that can help you out a foster parent or foster adoption family for the foster children in question.
  2. Get informational materials. The foster care agency that the social service workers have given you may still be incomplete, and those in their list may simply be the foster care agencies that they have recently worked with. To broaden your listing, try to get more information on the agencies listed on the listing. The information you are seeking should consist of both the type of foster care services that the agencies provide, as well as the other links that they have. These other links are usually sister agencies or other agencies that are in the foster care network. Check these out as well. Try to find a foster care agency that provides the services that you need, as well. For instance, some social services will provide a dormitory type foster care, while others have a network of foster families. In choosing, try the agencies that you believe will be able to provide for the children.
  3. Check the directories. Finally, check the directories as your finishing step to ensure that you have as comprehensive a list as possible. There are several ways to find these directories. The first is through the Yellow Pages. Search for the agencies, and contact their telephone numbers. There are also directories in some newspapers and magazines, especially those that are oriented towards civic work. Finally, there are directories for foster agencies that are found on the web. Be sure, however, that you counter check these agencies with the social services to ensure that they are legitimate and recognized foster care agencies.

Whether as a temporary solution to give you and others the time to get their act together, or as a lasting way of ensuring that your children are in good hands, foster care is usually for the best and greater interest of the children involved. Through these steps, you will be able to find homes for them.


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