How To Find a Sperm Donor as a Lesbian Couple

Having a child should not be limited to traditional family units. Nurturing a new life into this world is an experience that each person should be able to enjoy, especially if they are willing to commit all the time, money and effort into making sure that they raise a well-adjusted and functional member of society. Sperm banks have made raising a family possible for non-traditional family units, such as lesbian couples. Artificial insemination can make you or your partner a mother of your bundle of joy. Here are some ways for you to find a sperm donor as a lesbian couple.

  1. Make sure you are set on having a child by artificial insemination. Motherhood is not a spur of the moment decision. It will affect not only you and your body, but the relationship between you and your partner as well. There will be risks to your personal health, especially if you are over the age of 35, so make sure that this is the option that you’ve chosen after long hours of deliberation. Remember, you can still be a mother even through adoption and fostering. The best advantage of artificial insemination, however, is the biological link you will have to your child.
  2. Consult your obstetrician for clearance. You will have to start by making a visit to an obstetrician and informing her of your intentions to undergo artificial insemination. Make sure you give her a complete medical history, so she can screen out any risk factors for you and your partner. She may require some laboratory exams as well, so be sure to comply with these. It is not advisable to try for a pregnancy if the screening reveals risk factors for you or your partner.
  3. Ask help from your doctor regarding artificial insemination. More than just the procedure, your doctor will provide comfort and understanding during the entire process. Ask her to explain the procedure and process of not only artificial insemination, but that of pregnancy. Your doctor should also give you advice on how to seek donations from a sperm bank, or obtain the sperm on your behalf. If you wish to undergo an anonymous insemination, your doctor may also be able to facilitate those services. It is best to approach the sperm bank your doctor already has previous connections to. She may facilitate the right channels and connections that will make your pregnancy possible.
  4. Seek help from people who’ve undergone the procedure. It will be natural to be apprehensive about this life-changing procedure. It will be best to talk about it and get these fears out of your system. If you have friends who’ve done this before, talk to them. You can also go to the online community and ask about the experiences of others who’ve opted for artificial insemination. Getting the support of family and friends will involve them in the pregnancy, making sure that you don’t go through it alone.

If you have friends whose sperm you might want to use, you can talk to them as well. Be straightforward, but discreet and tactful when you broach the idea to them. Be aware of the legalities involved before opting for this approach.


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