How To Find an Old Friend by Her Maiden Name

Finding old friends can sometimes be a difficult task to accomplish. This is especially the case if some of your friends are female and may have already gotten married. This actually changes the whole process since you only have their maiden names to work with. Not to worry though, there are many ways to search for these long lost buddies whether it is to check on them or to send them invites for the next reunion. Here are some of the ways to get this done.

  • Ask mutual friends. One of the most effective ways to find someone with only her first name and maiden name is by simply asking her friends or any mutual friend that may know her whereabouts or at the very least, her hubby’s last name. It is highly likely that you know of at least one of your common friends and they may have information about the person you are looking for. Furthermore, by doing this, you will actually inadvertently spread the word that you are looking for her. Eventually, information will get back to you one way or another.
  • Ask her family. If you are privy to the address or contact information of her parents or siblings, then you can simply call or write to them asking for her contact information. These are actually the best people to contact since they will surely be in touch with her.
  • Search online. Google her name. Yes, that should present you with some hits. This is assuming that she has some sort of Internet presence at the least and that her maiden name can be recognized. Some women still use their maiden names by way of a hyphen so this should be a good chance to get some information about a particular person.
  • Search social networking sites. With almost a billion people using social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Friendster, YouTube, and MySpace, it is highly likely that she has a profile up and running in one of these sites. Of course, the search will really only be fruitful if she still includes her maiden name on her profile.
  • Contact the school. If your friend was an old classmate or schoolmate, then you can easily find her by calling the school and having them check if they have information about her. A lot of schools regularly update their alumni records. There will be a high chance that they have updated hers including her new last name and her latest address or number.
  • Check the phone book. All right, you can probably check the local phone book but this may prove to be futile if she is not residing in the particular city or state. In this case, you may want to tap online national directories like,, and These are 3 of the most comprehensive online people finding websites in the world. Plot in her name and see what comes back. If you know what state she currently lives in, plotting this in with the search should refine the results.

These are the best options at your disposal right now. You can also check with federal government agencies like the IRS or but the information they will give you will be limited at best.


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