How To Find and Use Pregnancy Support Belts

Pregnant woman wearing support belt

When it comes to support belts to help relieve pain and discomfort during pregnancy, there are a lot of options out there. You have a wide variety of choices. Your best bet is to go online. There, you can comparison shop for the best prices, find a wide variety of choices, and pick out the product that is best for you.

  1. Do a search. Using your favorite search engine, type in "maternity support belt" and click open all results that look like they might provide some products for you to look at. If you don't get enough results this way, you can also use the keywords "pregnancy support belt."
  2. Browse through all of the different designs. There will be a ton of things to choose from. And your own needs will often have to provide the answer of which support belt characteristics you prefer.
  3. Consider your needs. A simple support belt will help support the belly, but not a lot. Something fancier (such as the prenatal cradle) will provide a great deal of support, but is sometimes difficult to put on and can even need two people to get the job done as you get larger. This, however, is a very good option if you are getting large quickly and feel the need for support even early on. It can relieve a ton of back pain and is a reasonable price.
  4. Purchase the product of your choice. While I highly recommend the prenatal cradle (sold for about $50), you should purchase the product that looks best for you. All of them will relieve pressure on the back and make it easier for you to get around as you get larger.

Now you will have to wait until your product arrives in the mail. Once you get it, you should read any instructions that come with it. This will often explain how it goes on. If need be, bring up the product on the Internet so you can look at the pictures again. Decide if you will wear something between you and it (usually your underwear and bra are plenty). The directions below are for the prenatal cradle, which is more complicated than other support belts, but not as complicated as some.

  1. Pull it all to your waist. Some of the straps can get confusing. It works best if you pull it all to your waist and work from there. Gently pull the belt portion (the widest strap) down and over your belly. It will rest on the lower half of your stomach and go around your lower back and upper buttocks area.
  2. Bring the straps upward. You will want to carefully bring the straps upward. There should be a strap that goes around each side of your belly and then criss crosses in front of you. You will need to carefully arrange the criss cross straps around your breasts and over your shoulders.
  3. Check the back straps. You will then want to make sure the back straps are arranged correctly. They should be going up to at least the middle of your back and some will criss cross in the back (depending on your model).
  4. Make sure your straps aren't twisted anywhere. Eventually twisted straps will feel like they are digging into you. You will want to check to make sure that there aren't any twisted straps that will bother you later.

You can wear your support all day and even all night if it is more comfortable for you. Your pregnancy support belt can be machine-washed and is easy to clean because of this. As you grow, you will notice more and more advantages to having this belt and it will make life easier for you. It will help relieve back pain and help you to get around.


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