How To Find Bisexual People in Your Community

Finding homosexual people to mingle with is pretty much easy these days since most people accept and tolerate the lifestyle choice of these people. Of course, finding straight people is an even easier task. But, if you are looking for bisexual people, the ones that can go either way in terms of lifestyle and sexual preference, then you should know that this task is not as easy as it seems. You will really need to know where to look. You will need to find the various establishments where these people hang out. So, for whatever reason, if you are looking for bisexuals in your community, then here are some suggestions you should definitely investigate.

  • Check out homosexual groups. Although bisexuals are normally closed closets, you can actually find a great number of them mingling with outright gay groups and establishments. Yes, unlike straight communities and organizations, the homosexual community is much more welcoming to bisexuals. This is probably because of the similar choices in lifestyle. Remember, bisexuals are what you would call double bladed people that walk the fine line between straightness and gayness.
  • Attend gay events. Based on the previously mentioned suggestion, it would be a great idea to attend events that gays and lesbians will most likely attend. You should easily spot a number of people here considered bisexual. To locate these events, all you have to do is check various local publications specifically published for homosexuals. There should be a number of local magazines and newspapers that you can sift through. If there is an event there, take a mental note of it and go.
  • Be religious. The Metropolitan Community Church is a national congregation with a very dominant gay constituency. There are over 250 churches spread out across the US. So, if there is a church near you, it would be a great idea to attend the regular Sunday services. To find a church near you, simply visit
  • Take out a personal ad. While this may raise red flags or may not be as effective as you would like to think, you can actually take out a personal ad stating that you are looking for openly or discreetly bisexual people for whatever reason in mind. There are many options for your ad. For instance, you can simply have the ad posted at any local publication or newspaper, especially those that have a fairly large homosexual audience. Aside from these, you can take out an ad in various online classified ad directories such as These sites will allow users to post local ads. This means that the ad will exclusively be found if you look at the specific state and city where it was posted on.
  • Go to the local gym. If there are sophisticated and modern gyms around your locality, they would actually be great places to observe since bisexuals are pretty much concerned with image. They normally ensure that their physiques are ripped and in tip top shape. In fact, some people may tell you that if you find a bunch of well built guys hanging around in a gym, really working on their pecs, then it is highly likely that these guys are double bladed.

Now, these are definitely not the only suggestions you can explore. You can find a lot of local bisexuals online using social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace as well provided that these people are open about their lifestyle choice. Finding bisexuals in these sites may be rare but definitely worth a try.


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