How To Find Former Classmates

Are you planning a class reunion but having a tough time finding former classmates? Read on and see if the following tips will help.

With the advent of modern technology and communication, the simplest way to look for former classmates is by searching the worldwide web. Here are suggestions on how it can be done:

Search the names of the classmates you want to find. Type their full names in the search bar of your browser and see if they generate results. If the person you are searching for is an active Internet user, there is a great chance for you to get instant results.

If you are not a member of a social network yourself such as Facebook, MySpace, Friendster or Multiply go and sign up to facilitate your access to possible accounts of your classmates in these sites. Signing up for membership is absolutely effortless and free. Once you become a member all you have to do is search for your classmates using the tools provided by these social network sites. Facebook for instance, has a system of helping its users find old friends or classmates by clustering the users according to regional location, school, workplace and common friends who are also Facebook members.

There are also classmate networks on the Internet such as,,, and These sites work the same way as other social networks. All you need to do is enter the name of your school and the batch year of your class and you will be led to results or suggestions for further search.

Of course you should not narrow down your search to the Internet alone. There are other ways by which to locate you former classmates.

One way is by getting in touch with the family--the original family, so to speak (most, if not all are probably married and already have their own families), which means the father, mother, siblings or any close relatives you may personally know. Though there is a possibility your former classmates may have changed residence due to work or marriage, parents usually stay put in the original homes. And what better source can give you the information you need about your classmates than their own families?

You can also consult the alumni group of your school. Alumni groups get regular updates about their members and are a very useful basis for your search.

Ask assistance from the school records section of your school, the principal or dean and even your former teachers if they are still around. Old addresses and telephone numbers can still be of use if you are totally clueless about your classmates' location.

Ask common friends. If you live in a small county this is not a difficult thing to do. Usually, it is referrals from friends that are most helpful in tracking down a person. What's amusing is one contact person is enough to establish a chain of referrals. And that's it--your job in finding former classmates is done. Now all you need to do is set the date, time and place of your reunion. Enjoy!


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