How To Find Free Printable Baby Christening Invitations

A child's christening or baptism is a special occasion for the baby's parents and family. For memorable events, personalized invitations, anniversary invitations, and engagement invitations are usually sent out to the guests invited to celebrate with the family. Christening cards sent out for the ceremony would be more memorable if they are designed to warm your heart and can express the happy occasion. It should invite the guests to join and bless the new baby to have a prosperous life.

Some christening invitation cards are expensive but there are cheap and free printable baby christening invitations available. A number of Web sites offer free downloadable and printable options. You can choose from classy, elegant and fun or casually designed templates that may also include envelope designs that match the cards.

If you are very religious, you may select christening cards or baptism invitations from Web sites with religious themes. Even if the theme is religious oriented, you will still find printable, colorful and elegant designs, or bubbly and cheerful themes. Some templates even allow you to add your baby's photo.

Before creating a personalized christening invitation card, browse through the different free printable templates found in the sites provided below. Download the invitation templates; review the designs and samples, and printout the most appropriate design and wording that fit your family values. Here's how to Happy mom and babyfind printable baby christening invitations.

  • Magical Kingdom Co. offers commercial quality free printable invitation cards. You can choose from their free printable library.
  • provides handmade printable christening invitations that are better than the commercially made cards.
  • Hoover Professional Web Design provides a christening invitation template that simply has, "Baby's Christening" with a picture of a cute little baby in a christening gown and the events information inside.
  • FreePrintables! has a large selection of free baby invitations ready for printing.
  • has available online christening invitations for personal or company use.

After browsing through all the available templates online, you still have not found the invitation design you are looking for. The simplest ways to create a free christening invitation card is to create one yourself. You will just have to buy the paper, computer ink, and the envelopes. This will be cheaper than ordering online or from a specialized print shop.

Here are the steps in creating your free christening invitations:

  1. Choose and buy paper that has a border with a baptism theme, the right color and size to print your invitation.
  2. Buy envelopes that are cheaper in bulk but can match your theme. You can also just use plain white envelopes.
  3. Create a template using your computer's word processing document. Microsoft Word provides word processing templates that have a variety of designs for letters, brochures, and other documents. Experiment with font styles, colors and various sizes until you have created the design you like.
  4. Refer to some of the sample templates and designs you have browsed online to get additional ideas.
  5. Make the final invitation layout. Add more prints or even a photo to personalize your design.
  6. Print out your free printable personalized christening invitation.

Like baptism invitations, anniversary invitations, and engagement invitations, baby christening cards and invitations can be cheap but of good quality. All you need is the right resources to create your invitations.


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